Jason Whitlock explains why he thinks Villanova will beat Michigan in the NCAA National Championship

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Dahntay Jones and Jason McIntyre join Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss who will win the NCAA National Championship.

JASON WHITLOCK: Cowherd, do the Wolverines have any shot tonight?

- They have a great shot. First of all, they have probably the better head coach, the better defense. They've played in a series of very close games, 6 and 1 in close games or overtime games. Also, they've come from behind to win nine times this year. They're not going to freak out if Nova goes on one of these 11-0 runs with their three point shooting.

Listen man, what's so remarkable about Michigan, they've played well once in the last three weeks and they are here. Outside of the A&M game, they've been shooting in the low 40% and they're here. They've trailed in several games. They've been out-played in long stretches. They have though, what every team that wins has in the last 20 years, an elite coach, one NBA player, and very good situationally.

JASON WHITLOCK: What you just described to me is like, well, Michigan is going to get lucky one more time. They're going to keep playing poorly. And they're going to get lucky and win one more time. And that's just not going to happen.

I foolishly-- not foolishly, but I'm making the arguments a lot harder to create a great team in the modern era of college basketball with the one and done era. But Jay Wright has done it. He has created the great team. And I didn't really see it coming. I followed him all year and thought ah, there are a very good team, but they can be had.

This is a great team that tonight will likely put an exclamation point on a tremendous season, a bunch of double digit wins, all double digit wins in the tournament, and I think that's going to continue tonight. I just think they shoot too well, they're too versatile. They just have too many ways to beat you.

- That's fair. I'm not disagreeing with that, but can I throw this out there? You've gone into big games. Duke has always been a big favorite. Duke's a favorite.

This is the little underdog program. Tonight, they're supposed to win big. That's a new role for them, Jason.

- Right, but what we are witnessing right now is the beginnings of a powerhouse like a Duke. I think Jay right is equivalent to Coach K in that respect, where he's building something that you have to reckon with and is going to stand for the next 20 years. But this team is too good. They're-- parallel to them in college basketball is the Golden State Warriors. They shoot the heck out of the ball.

They're the best shooting on the mixed perspective-- best shooting team in college basketball right now. And then defensively, they're all over the place. They make first, second, and third efforts on defense. So you're not going to beat them with that's scrappy nature. And I think they have a worthy adversary right now.

But I don't think they have enough. I think they're going to give them a great game. You still have to pay attention to them after halftime if you're up. But I think they have too much on the offensive and defensive end for Michigan tonight.

- I mean, Collin, this whole three-week run you're talking about, did you mention that they didn't beat a top five seed in the tournament? They've played badly against bad teams. Florida State-- they were down by 10 to Loyola in the second half. I like Villanova here big.

Did you know that no big 10 team has won a championship in the last 17 years. They're 0 and 8 in the title game. Since Michigan State won it in 2000, the Big 10 has just continued to lay eggs every year in the title game.

And let me go to Mo Wagner, the great Michigan big man. You see who is going up against tonight? Spellman, the kid from Villanova, the freshman, played outstanding against Villanova. He reminds me a little bit of Draymond Green. And you mentioned the Warriors.

He's a long defender, really good three point shooter. He's made 10 threes in the tournament. I think he's going to be told, hey man, you shut down Wagner tonight, you could be looking at a first round draft pick coming out this year. I love Villanova by double digits.

- And they don't have a better coach too. Like, I would not say that Jay Wright is the best of the best right now. He's shown that he is equivalent to anybody you say is one of the top coaches in college basketball.

- So you don't think it's close?

JASON WHITLOCK: No I really don't. And one, I think Michigan just plays the wrong style in terms of Wagner. Again, if he were a guy that we're going to say, I'm going to take my 6 foot 11 size, and get some guys in foul trouble in the post, I think that's how you have a chance against Villanova. Get some guys in foul-- but he's not.

He's going to camp out along the three point line. He'll occasionally go into the lane. But again, trying to beat Villanova in a shooting contest? Good luck with that.

- And they switch everything. Like, all their players have the ability to guard-- sit down and guard. And I don't think anybody's going to deal with Mr. Burnson over there tonight.