Jason Whitlock: ‘I expect Case Keenum to play well and outplay Drew Brees’

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Greg Jennings and Ray Lewis join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Case Keenum's chances of beating Drew Brees and the Saints.

COLLIN: All right, we're like, crazy to think that Case Keenum could outdual Drew Brees.

- No it's not crazy to think at all. Case Keenum has had a remarkable season, he's been on a roll, he's been perfect for this team. Case Keenum, this year, to me, has been an ideal quarterback for this team, and I expect a week off. I do expect him to out play Drew Brees. He'll have a little bit more support. I think he's got a better defense. But I see a lot of similarities. Case Keenum certainly doesn't have Drew Brees' resume, but I see a lot of similarity between Case and Drew Brees. They're risk takers, they're a bit undersized, they can throw the interception that will hurt you. But both of them have the courage to make the high risk throw and make the big play. I expect Case Keenum to play well and outplay Drew Brees.

COLLIN: Here's what's going to happen in this football game, the numbers don't lie. Minnesota, you can't pick up, you cannot convert third downs to first downs against Minnesota. It's happened 51 times this year. That's it, in every game, Drew Brees will not convert third downs. Conversely, because they're beat up and tired in a tough division, Cam Newton converted third downs all day against New Orleans. They've lost AJ Klein, they're beat up in the secondary. This game's going to be third down driven. And Case is going to convert it and Drew is not.

- So you're telling me, the all time great Drew Brees--

- Yeah.

- Top five quarterback. He's going to get outplayed by Case Keenum.

COLLIN: No, he's facing a historically good defense.

- He's an all time great, Colin, according to you.

COLLIN: Well so is Aaron Rodgers, he blew games in Seattle. It's hard to win in Seattle. It's hard to win against great defenses.

- When we answer this question, it's clearly, can he outdual Drew Brees, Case Keenum? Absolutely. Why? Because of what you're talking about, defense. He has to go up against the better defense, across the board. Rushing the ball, and stopping the run, and stopping the pass. They are solid across the board. So when you look at what Case Keenum has to go up against, is New Orleans a good defense? Absolutely. But are they Minnesota Vikings defense? No, no. Do they have the depth in the secondary?


- Absolutely Not. They have Latimore, that's the one guy in the secondary. And they have pieces. Then they have Jordan on the defensive line, everybody else is sacked by committee, but you look at the--

COLLIN: Vikings.

- Minnesota Vikings and their defense, they pose problems to Drew Brees across the board. So he has to perform with that.

- Yeah, that's kind of where I was going with supporting Cas. You think about what Case Keenum has, from a defensive perspective. I mean that makes life really easy for him. Why? Field position is one of the biggest things we used to like given our quarterbacks. Like we used to put him 40 yards in, 30 yards in, turnover. You know, these big plays change the game and makes the game easier for quarterbacks.

- No question.

- So instead, Drew Brees has to go probably 80 yards every time against a very, very physical defense.

COLLIN: So if I said to you, think about this, the last three times the best quarterback ever, Brady, has met perennial, OK Joe Flacco. The last three playoff games Flacco has nine touchdowns, three picks, and a 98 quarterback rating. Brady has four touchdowns, five picks. Flacco has outdualed Brady because Brady had to face him.

- Exactly.

COLLIN: So when you face a great defense--

- That's just [INAUDIBLE].

- I wish I had a time machine, though, yesterday because Drew Brees was so flawless.

- He was flawless.

- Now he has nine records.

- You better stop this.

- Both of you guys.

- He's still flawless. He is.

- I'm just saying, he's dealing with a different dynamic, defensively.

COLLIN: Look at Brady against Ray Lewis, he was never the same guy.

- If it's not a good day, it's not a good day.

COLLIN: You guys, the only difference between the Vikings defense-- time out.

- Why are you acting like Brady don't have five superbowls? Ray's got two.

- Thank you. Brady did something.

COLLIN: Well, again, he won games, but you're talking about outdualing. The only difference between the Minnesota Vikings defense this year and the Seahawks, statistically, oh there is none. The difference is the Seahawks had a nickname. That's it. Legion of doom, Pete Carroll.

- Right.

COLLIN: This, defense nobody knows Mike Zimmer, they don't have any big names. Statistically, this is the Seahawks defense.

- Which is why I want to see Drew Brees go against this defense. Because of his greatness.

- So, for me, when I look at Drew Brees, in your defense, I'll jump on-- He has the best chance out of the quarterbacks left,


- The offenses left.


- To beat this Minnesota Vikings team.

COLLIN: That, I agree with, completely.

- And possibly New England in the superbowl.