Todd Fuhrman thinks Los Angeles is the favorite to land Bryce Harper

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Todd Fuhrman thinks Bryce Harper will be drawn to the bright lights of LA and sign with the Dodgers in the offseason.

- Let's go back to baseball. And one star who isn't participating in the postseason-- Mr. Bryce Harper. Harper is heading into free agency this offseason, and OddsShark and Bovada released these lines today as to where Harper would be playing next season. And the Cubbies are even money. Clay, what is your reaction to this?

- Well, it might make Cubs fans feel a little bit better after losing two straight home games to have this out there. I was really surprised that Bryce Harper was favored by this much to end up with the Cubs. This is a great story for baseball to have free agency like this in the offseason, unless you happen to be at a Washington Nationals fan. But again, Cubs-- two tough losses back-to-back at home to get knocked out. If you're sitting around, and you're a Cubs fan, this is something to really look forward to. That's a big favorite when you look at every other team on this list. It really surprised me.

TODD FUHRMAN: You know, the Cubs make some sense, given the relationship that Bryce Harper has with Kris Bryant-- the two of them grew up in Las Vegas playing baseball with one another. So you have to think there's a little bit of talking and texting going back and forth. But at the same time, the Cubs feel like a franchise that's in disarray right now. Theo Epstein had to come out and basically say, we're going to bring Joe Maddon back for the final year of his contract. You have the off-field stuff with Addison Russell. I feel like the Dodgers are headed in the right direction. Bryce Harper spent his offseason right in my backyard in the desert. Why not go play for the Dodgers? Become one of the biggest draws they're right alongside LeBron. 5-1 way too much value to pass up there for me.