Cris Carter and Nick Wright question whether the Eagles can repeat after starting 2-2

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Eric Mangini joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to talk NFL. Hear what they have to say about the Philadelphia Eagles.

- They don't know what it's like to win and have the pressure on them. And I know coach Mangini, he laughed. He laughed this summer when he started hearing about all the comments about, oh, it's so much fun. We have so much fun playing here.

We knew this day was coming. This is the NFL. This is not the NBA. Golden State, they can say that. You know something, we're champions. And I dare anybody to say anything or do anything about it. There ain't nothing people can do. They are champions. I mean, what, three out of the last four years, they blew the other one. They should have won them all. Like, there really is not competition.

- And in the NBA, it's dynastic. It's-- we see guys--

- What does that mean?

- There's dynasties. Like, there are-- teams usually win one.

- I've never heard that on TV.

- OK, well--

- And Jenna knew. Go ahead, Jenna.

- There he goes. Well-- way to be on my corner there, Jenna. I-- listen, what I mean is that we see teams in the NBA repeat. They come back. Like that--

The NFL, the last team to repeat was the '03, '04 Pats. Like-- the Seahawks came close. Prior to that, it was that '97, '98 Broncos. Like, there's not a lot of teams that repeat.

So of course it's different. Like that-- and the-- the limited number of games makes it to where a little bit of a slow start or a little bit of a lack of execution can have a major change in your season. Like, I would feel totally differently about Philadelphia if they had executed their opening drive of overtime better, because if they executed the opening drive in overtime, they get a touchdown instead of a field goal, they're sitting here at 3 and 1. We're like, hey, they haven't played that well. They're still on top of their division.

2 and-- like, those little moments really matter. And I can't define as to why it is the way it is right now for them. But they do not appear to be the same team they were at any point last year.