Chris Broussard’s way-too-early top-5 MVP candidates for next year’s NBA season

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Chris Broussard and Doug Gottlieb talk NBA MVP. Find out who tops the list in this way-too-early look ahead.

- I don't know if he'd be the MVP, but MVP candidate, yeah. And he can play both ends, because he can defend the rim.

- He's one of my top candidates. Like, not saying he's a top five player in the league yet, but he's one of my top five MVP candidates. I got LeBron winning it. That's my prediction. 53 wins for the Lakers. Lebron's MVP. I got Anthony Davis in New Orleans, Joel Embiid Philadelphia, Kawhi Leonard Toronto, and Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee.

- Should be pointed out, he didn't mention Russell Westbrook, or James Harden, or Kevin Durant, or Steph Curry.

- They're going to have their great years, but they're not going to win MVP.