Chris Broussard agrees this is not a rebuilding year for the Lakers

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Chris Broussard and Doug Gottlieb discuss the Los Angeles Lakers upcoming season. LeBron James compares joining Lakers to 2010 Miami Heat squad, Chris agrees that this season is not a rebuilding season for the Lakers.

- Well, I mean, if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts of what rebuilding year would be, right? That would be going down before you go up. Whereas I think it's a building year. And look, we're all sitting here. We're gonna say they're not going to beat the Warriors. They're not going to beat the Thunder. They're not going to beat the Rockets.

But you got LeBron James, who, I mean, didn't he just take, you know, the Cavs roster of a bunch of different parts-- Kevin Love, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson-- you know, Tristan Thompson with the Kardashians issues. And JR Smith being JR Smith, and-- hell, they should have beaten Golden State game 1. They could have beat em' game 3.


- Right? So in spite of the fact he lost Kyrie Irving-- so we can say it makes no sense for him to think that he can compete with the Warriors. But he's been to the Finals how many straight years with all those different parts? I think it's a building year, not a rebuilding year. And I know that's semantics, but I think that actually matters to somebody like LeBron.

And I think that you can tell him he can't, but there's nothing in his career since he originally left Cleveland that would allow you to believe he can't recreate Miami-- he can't recreate Cleveland-- in a completely new sense. And I find it a challenge. And a challenge is what a guy like this needs to go to work every day with great energy and enthusiasm.

So I think it's more of a building year in which they will be more competitive than people think. But maybe it's me getting lost in the semantics of building as opposed to rebuilding.

- No, I think you're right. I mean, there's no way this is a rebuilding year. Maybe last year was a rebuilding year for the Lakers. A rebuilding year is if you don't make the playoffs, you're OK with it. If they don't make the playoffs-- now, it won't be a disaster if they don't make it because you get rid of the vets on one year deals. And maybe you bring in a Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, whoever.

So it wouldn't be a disaster, but it would be an abject failure. An abject failure.

- Isn't that a disaster?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, disaster--

- Now, you're-- now I'm challenging your seman-- your semantics. That's right.

- I say it wouldn't be a disaster because you could change it like that. You just get rid of Lance Stephenson and all those guys.

- If they don't make the playoffs, Luke's getting fired, right? Luke's getting fired. All those guys are gone.

- But that's not a disaster. I mean, Luke Walton's not Phil Jackson, not Steve Kerr.

- I understand, but--

- So, my point is that--

- --abject failure and-- it would be bad.

- You could change it quickly. If you bring in-- if you miss the playoffs and bring in Kevin Durant, nobody's, like, worried. OK? Or Kawhi Leonard, or whoever.

- No, but the season would be a disaster.

- It would be-- like I said, it would be a big failure. It would be a big failure if they-- if they missed the playoffs. But this is a building year. As you said, you've got all these young guys around LeBron. I mean, last year like 35 games with Lonzo and some other guys being hurt and missing a good chunk of games.

I got some numbers here-- and talking to some people close to LeBron-- they think a Brandon Ingram could play like a Scottie Pippen role. Now that might sound crazy to some people that just see him as a forward. But last year-- you know, Doug, a lot of times, the Lakers have felt like he could play point guard.

And he did in the last few months of the season at-- maybe point forward. His numbers-- 17 and 1/2 points over the last two months. 54% shooting. 51% shooting from 3. And six assists-- 5 and 1/2 assists a game. So he's a versatile player. No, this is not a rebuilding year. This is a year which I think they could, you know, they could make some noise. They should make the playoffs and make some noise in the Western--