Nick Wright unveils why Kevin Durant’s social activity has landed him in a media ‘storm’

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On First Things First with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright says no other superstar handles social media like Kevin Durant, which is exactly why he's earning all his unwanted media attention.

- KD. It is not-- I know how-- it's not really conspiracy if they're actually out to get you. I know. But it ain't a conspiracy, man. You had the same media that you're saying is out to get you, make you look crazy, make you look insecure-- you had them eating out of the palm of your hand.

It was you the real MVP. Russ, you're gonna get one of these. Signing my extension via Twitter. Why is everyone teaming up together? OK. You know, oh-- Kevin Durrant stakeouts in OKC-- and you made a choice that absolutely was your right. That did make some members of the media question your basketball integrity.

But that was as far as it went. Everything since then is why you are now in this storm that Steph is not. That LeBron, despite being in the spotlight for 18 years, has never found himself in. That Anthony Davis-- what's the most controversial thing he ever did? Trick us into thinking he shaved his unibrow. That-- like--

There are a handful of superstars in this league. We will dissect and analyze decisions public moves. James Harden dealt with this. James Martin found out oh, I'm a little too famous to go to the strip club every night. I'm going to get criticized for that. Like period, point blank.

Maybe when I was the sixth man I could do that. Now that I'm MVP candidate, people are going to talk about that. Russ found out, oh, OK, people are really going to talk about do people hate me as a teammate? Am I good or a bad guy?

JENNA WOLFE: Who found out yesterday? Jimmy Garoppolo.

- Sur-- There you go. So Kevin Durant-- it's not like we, the-- the COBOL that is the media-- spun a wheel and said, oh, KD's turn. It is repeated decision after decision all, by the way, involving some form of social media that has made us realize he is different than every other superstar we have in major American sports.

If Aaron Rodgers was out there copping to having burner accounts, arguing with people via DM, and repeatedly talking about, I'm done with social media on your-- your-- your Sage Bill Simmons podcast and then engaging in it. Doing all these things. He'd get it too. Like, maybe it's unfair. But it's not-- you're not getting picked on.

- Imagine Tom Brady last year before the season where, Nick, I think it's-- it's on record-- that the Patriots, in this modern era, were the largest favorite that we had ever seen, as far as the NFL before the season-- to win the Super Bowl. Right? Now, we know the story that they didn't win. But just imagine Tom Brady telling another NFL quarterback, Blake Bortles, you-- you're gonna-- you're gonna win the Super Bowl, Blake?

- Forget-- Blake Bortles is unfair. Philip Rivers. You know what I mean? Because Bortles is down at the bottom. CJ's a near All-Star. Say it to Philip Rivers. Say it to a guy who's good but not as good as you.

- Yeah. Those types of things-- and you're right. And I never thought about it. As far as our superstars, Kevin Durant has put himself in a special position.