Cris Carter reacts to report Kawhi is Toronto bound

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Cris Carter reacts to reports that Kawhi Leonard might be headed to the Toronto Raptors after speaking with Kawhi's camp last night.

- Is Kawhi Leonard going to Toronto?

CRIS CARTER: Well, I think sports fans-- a lot of times we hear a lot of reports on a daily basis. It's important that we're on top of those things. The reason why yesterday's news, as far as Kawhi, was he going to end up in Toronto? Because some betting website--

- BetOnline is what got it going. They installed him as very high favorite, out of nowhere, it seemed.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, but the public should know this is a website that typically, they do some shocking typically odds. But on the back side of that, they're only letting you wager a small amount of money.

- You give the Kawhi in full. I can kind of give the gambling side of it. Sometimes Vegas odds tell you a lot, particularly those are Vegas odds that a big casino in Vegas would let you come in and set down $10,000 on something. Sometimes online sports books, in an attempt to get on shows such as this one-- I already mentioned their name one today. So it was successful for them.

They will put in odds that are-- we saw one of these, I think it was the same web site last week, briefly installed the Lakers as the favorites to win the title. And everyone is like wow! The Lakers-- They were never the favorites. But they do that thing to protect themselves, because they only let you get a few hundred dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars like you could if you go to the Bellagio in Vegas. And so that's what really got this going.

And then once one online sports book does it, many follow suit. And all of a sudden you can credibly say the Raptors are the favorites to land Kawhi Leonard. So that's how this becomes a discussion. But you have actual information about the non gambling side of it. So go ahead.

CRIS CARTER: I don't think anything's changed. Now is it still a possibility? Kawhi can be traded anywhere by any team. Yes. So is it a possibility?

But nothing's changed from Kawhi's side as far is from these standpoints. He still wants to go to Los Angeles, and he's still not interested in being rented out for one season. So that being Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, or any other team.

The thing that we should know is, San Antonio has been in contact with Kawhi and his people. And they've told them that if something was to get real, real close, we'll reach out to you. Well, it's in their best interest and smart for them to reach out to him. And typically, the other team that's involved in the trade will be granted permission to reach out to the star player or the player that's being traded. None of those things happened yesterday.

Actually, Kawhi and them were thinking about maybe potentially having a press release and everything because everyone was running with this story. Kawhi, he was in Las Vegas for one night with some friends. And he's not in Las Vegas anymore, but people were running rampant with the story. So they realized that no, nothing's changed with San Antonio, nothing's changed as far as Kawhi and their camp and their demands. Their demands are still exactly the same as I reported last week.