Sarah Kustok reveals what advice Ty Lue says Luke Walton needs to know about coaching LeBron

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Sarah Kustok joins Cris Carrer, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss reports that Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue plans to meet Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton to pass along advice on coaching LeBron James.

- How hard will it be for Luke Walton to coach guys like LeBron and Rondo, the smart, cerebral guys, the real x's and o's guys on this team?

- It's important you bring in Rondo too. So I spoke with Ty Lue yesterday, and I asked him about what he would tell Luke Walton. And there was two things that stood out. It was handling pressure. And that's pressure from the media, from the outside, scrutiny about their expectation to win, about LeBron coaching the team. Things of that nature. And it was preparation.

And he said, "The biggest piece of advice that I would give to Luke is that you have got to understand just how smart LeBron is. He will pick out every and anything offensively, defensively." He said, "More than anything, through my prep," he said, "I would always have to be thinking about what questions is LeBron going to ask? What is he going to look at and how is he going to challenge me in a positive way? Because he sees different things on the floor."

And I think with both LeBron, I think with Rajon Rondo, let's toss Lance Stephenson and the personality he brings, there's a lot of personalities to deal with for Luke Walton, but more than anything I think it's the savvy, the cerebral way, that both LeBron and Rajon Rondo look at the game, think about the game, and they will not for a second hesitate to challenge Luke with what his game plan is, schematically what's happening. How he is handling the game.

So I think that will be a tremendous challenge for Luke Walton who hasn't had that type of pressure to win yet. He's had a lot of media scrutiny with the balls, but about actually needing to win and coaching a player of this caliber.

- I actually went to a Cavs practice when LeBron, the first time he was with the Cavs, before he went to Miami, and Shaq was on the team. And spent some time with Shaq before practice because I knew Shaq. I told him, you've been here with Cleveland. You play with a lot of players, give me something. Because I was a huge fan of LeBron. Give me some things on LeBron. He was like, Chris he's a basketball savant. I was like, what you mean by that? He was like, Chris, he almost has a photographic memory.

He remembers all the sets that we're running. He also remembers all the sets that the other teams are running. He also hears the names of plays and when he comes around the next time he plays that team, he remembers all the plays that they're running. So anytime you're in competitive sports at the professional level, that being football, basketball, you're going to be challenged by if you're best players are the smartest players.

Because the coach, he has something that he can't relate to. He can relate to the x's and o's, but he can't relate to that unbelievable ability for the player not only to be able to master the game physically, but for the player to master the game mentally. So yes, it will be a challenge, but it was a challenge for Erik Spoelstra in Miami.

All right, Dwayne Wade had to vouch for him, that LeBron said, OK, if you believe him. He told him his x's and o's are very, very strong. So LeBron said, no problem, I'm all in. Everyone, when he was in Cleveland, his x's and o's were very, very strong before they got to Ty Lue. So to me, Luke Walton has the same opportunity all three of those other coaches, which everyone thought all three of those other coaches were going to get fired, only one of those coaches got fired.

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