LeBron James signs 4-year deal with the Lakers; Chris Broussard explains why KD probably didn’t want to join him

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe in studio on First Things First, Chris Broussard weighs in on LeBron James potentially uniting with Kevin Durant on the Los Angeles Lakers, revealing why the perspective of KD being LeBron's protege could derail these two superstars from playing together in LA.

- As far as asking a guy who now-- obviously, Golden State had beaten Oklahoma City. But it was because they had lost to LeBron that they then wanted to add Kevin Durant, or at least in part because of that. But the point I'm making, see, about figuring out what Kevin Durant's going to do-- forget long-term-- just for LeBron's decision for this year.

If you talked to KD and KD said, man, I really think I'm going to leave Golden State. I've done what I came to do. I'm going to leave this offseason-- which, obviously, he didn't say. Then maybe LeBron says, oh, so Golden State's not going to have you? Should I stick around one more year in Cleveland? Could we win a-- could we--

- No, that-- and that would be--

- That's important information.

- Yeah. And I'm fine with that. Like I said, if it happens organically and Durant wants it as much, I'm fine with it. But if it looks like the best player in the world is going out and trying to get--

NICK WRIGHT: Of course.

- --the guy that's been beating him to play with him, that's a bad look. And here's what I say.

You brought the scenario that, if KD and LeBron played together, obviously, KD would eventually be better in a few years. But KD is not in a position to be a protege. That scenario makes him LeBron's protege.

Like, Ben Simmons and Embiid in Philly, yeah, they could be his proteges. Durant's like, I'm competing with you now.

- How do they do the press conference?

- Durant thinks he's better.

- Imagine they're at the finals together doing that press conference, the way they put the teammates up there. We saw Steph. And Steph and KD, man, they play off of each other well. Man, LeBron and KD-- I just don't see it that way.

- I guess the reason that I don't think this is so far outside of the box-- even though, again, I want to make it clear, I don't think this is going to happen-- is, we saw KD go team up with the second or third best player in the world as the second or third best player in the world.

- But who was viewed as the best player of that Hamptons Five? In that room, who was viewed as the best player?

- Yeah. They were looking up when they made the phone call.

- Exactly. There you go. They were looking up.

- Man, I think we are looking at this differently now because of the way those last two years have went. In the moment--

CRIS CARTER: The last two years went exactly how we thought they were going to go.

NICK WRIGHT: No, no, no. Of course. But we didn't-- my point is this. In the moment, Steph was the two-time defending MVP.


- Steph was the heir apparent to LeBron in the league.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But if you talk to people around the league--

- I guarantee you if you do an interview, Steph was not saying, I'm the best player in the world. Steph would not even say, I'm better than Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant was already saying that. So the overall mentality of the players is totally different.

And you know Steph-- I agree. Steph was becoming the face of the league, even more so than LeBron.


- But nobody-- I don't know anybody around the league, other than, like, these analytical reporters, that thought Steph was the best player in the league. I talked to--

- But did they think he was better than Duran? That's my point.

- No, because Steph-- defensively, he doesn't do anything. And granted, Durant wasn't Kawhi Leonard.

- Durant in OKC wasn't a great defender.

- But he was still a pretty good defender. He was OK, you know? He was better than Steph.

And even offensively-- no, I still-- I agree with CC.

- I think people are forgetting how transcendent Steph was that 73-win year, the unanimous MVP year. It was arguably the greatest offensive season that anyone has ever had. Like, in that moment-- now, we look back and we're like, KD's obviously the best player. In that moment, I think a lot of people thought Steph was better than KD.

- If they were 73 wins and you put KD on the 73-win team and put Steph in OKC and see how different the results are-- like, KD, to me, is the only player that you can approach in a conversation of, is he as good as LeBron James? Steph is just in a different category because of his size and because the lack of defense.