Nick Wright reveals how a LeBron – Kyrie Irving reunion would work on the Boston Celtics

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Joined by Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals how a LeBron James - Kyrie Irving reunion would work on the Boston Celtics. Could Kyrie and LeBron coexist on Brad Stevens' squad?

- I also want to remind the audience about what the LeBron and Kyrie relationship was before Kyrie asked for the trade-- or demanded the trade-- and even after Kyrie demanded the trade. Before Kyrie demanded the trade, LeBron did everything he could do to empower Kyrie Irving. What did we learn this year in Cleveland without Kyrie? Oh, LeBron is the best closer in the NBA. LeBron-- buzzer beater is no problem. Fourth-quarter scoring, leads the league. Clutch shooting percentage, leads the league. Clutch points, leads the league.

But he knew-- he realized that's where Kyrie excels. So I will defer to him in those spots because that's where the young man, as he would put it, or the kid-- somewhat patronizingly, as he would put it-- could realize his greatest basketball self. We know that Kyrie Irving can play great in the biggest games of the year because he got to play with LeBron, so he got to play great-- he got to play in those games, the biggest games of the year.

And the reason I say even after Kyrie asked for the trade-- Kyrie demands a trade. That doesn't scorch the earth to LeBron. He goes to management and says, don't trade him. They then make the trade, but because of the Isaiah Thomas physical, it doesn't go through. LeBron goes to management again and says, we have another chance to keep him. Bring him to training camp. I will get this turned around.

So would LeBron be OK with playing with Kyrie Irving? I say absolutely, yes. And do I think they would both be professionals in 2018 and do their best to win games? Absolutely, yes. The reason I don't think LeBron and Kyrie both being on the Celtics next year is a tenable situation is not for next year, but because if you trade Gordon-- you would have to trade Gordon Hayward to open up the cap space for LeBron. You would be trading Gordon Hayward and the long-term deal he's under for LeBron, but you would also, by de facto, be trading Kyrie Irving the following year with nothing in return. Because if you trade for LeBron and you trade away Gordon Hayward, Kyrie is leaving in a year. Because whatever LeBron felt about the relationship, Kyrie wants to have his own team. And you will never have your own team if LeBron James is on it.

- So that was my question. If you look at these two when they were playing for Cleveland as A and B, or 1 and 1A, or whatever it was-- however that situation and that relationship and that dynamic worked out, it was not the way that Kyrie Irving wanted it to. It was fine for LeBron. He was fine. I'll let you look good. I want you to look good. I want to give you opportunity. Because at the end of the day, everyone knows it's LeBron's team, and Kyrie is on it.

Kyrie wants to be the guy. That's the only thing he seemingly wanted to be, which is why he started this whole thing to begin with. So if LeBron could play with Kyrie, could Kyrie play with LeBron?

- No he doesn't want to. He's already made that decision. He had the opportunity. I don't think he wants to play with LeBron. Even if LeBron was a few more years advanced in age, he wouldn't want to play with an aging LeBron, because he wants to get the credit. He said he wants his own team. When you say you want your own team, what do you think those things mean?

- But would that be enough for Danny Ainge to say, OK, so if you want your own team-- you're a big enough superstar, you want your own team, we won't go after LeBron?

- Listen, I think that if the Celtics could execute the trade that Jonathan Tjarks of "The Ringer" laid out, the three-way trade where Kyrie goes to the Knicks, there's draft picks and cap filler that go to Cleveland, and LeBron goes to Boston, Danny Ainge would do that. If LeBron calls up Boston or someone on Boston, because you're not really allowed to call the team yet, and says, I want to go there, I think the move they would make would be trading Kyrie. Because there's not enough-- the salaries have to match. It would be Kyrie or Heyward. I just explained why I think the Kyrie move is the more sensible move.

And we also have to know that Boston, I think, is uncertain absent of LeBron. Let's say LeBron goes to Los Angeles. I think they're uncertain about their future with Kyrie Irving. They know that not only does he--

- That's going to be a constant, LeBron or no LeBron. So you can try to blame it on LeBron. The Kyrie thing is real.

- It's not just the four knee surgeries. It's not just that Kyrie put four teams on his list to be traded to-- San Antonio, Minnesota, Miami, or the Knicks initially, Boston not being on the list. Kyrie knew Boston had the assets. The Cavs had to bring that to him.

And this is something that matters more to me than it does to you, C. But they also know that Kyrie was conspicuously absent from game 7. After being on the bench that whole series, all of a sudden, a home game 7 to go to the NBA Finals, Kyrie wasn't there. They also know that when he was asked about resigning, he didn't say, listen, of course I'm going to be here, but it doesn't make sense for me to sign long term financially. He just said it doesn't make sense to me to sign long term financially right now. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For all those reasons, if LeBron today announced I'm staying in Cleveland, there would still be questions about Kyrie's long-term viability in Boston.

- How much do you give this potential move for LeBron? Do you put it up there? Because I know you think he might-- in the East, if he stays in the East, it will probably be in Philadelphia, which is what you think he might do. Do you put Boston and Philadelphia almost on the same plane in the East?

- It doesn't fit the model that LeBron wants. Yeah, you can vie for championships, but he also said it's about lifestyle and his family. His kids and his family, they have not some of the things that they wanted. They lived some of their life in Miami.

So I look for them to move to somewhere warm-- not just because it's warm, but because what the family wants to do from a business standpoint, the interests of the oldest boy. They got two homes in Los Angeles. So he's saying if it's lifestyle-- Dwayne Wade, what did he say? It won't be just a basketball decision. It will be about family and lifestyle. And Boston does not provide that for LeBron James at this point in his career.

- Boston doesn't check any of the boxes except for they'd be the best basketball team. Of all the teams-- the only box-- now the question is does LeBron think I can win anywhere. But if the Kyrie trade happens, and you have a starting lineup of LeBron, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, to me, that is on par with Golden State.

- And what's the one thing LeBron--

- Or at least as close as you can come to Golden State.

- The one thing LeBron keeps talking about that's missing from his cache is the rings.

- Well, that's the one thing we keep talking about. I haven't heard LeBron say anything is missing from his cache. He obviously wants to compete for championships, but I think he's pretty convinced his legacy is intact either way.