Nick Wright unveils what it will take for LeBron’s Cavs to top the Warriors in the Finals — and why that won’t happen

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With the Warriors triumphing in the West with their Game-7 victory over the Houston Rockets, Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what it will take for LeBron's Cavs to top KD, Curry and the rest of Golden State in the 2018 NBA Finals and why that won't happen. Do you agree with Nick's assessment?

- All year long, I have said the Cavs will make the finals. I've never said a word past that.

JENNA WOLFE: You never went further, no.

- And had they played-- had Houston won that game, and if CP3 really was going to be out for another week, then you can start saying, OK, if LeBron-- what does LeBron have to do to take-- but there is no math to do here. We talked earlier in the show, like other than LeBron, there isn't a player on the Cavs that cracks their rotation.

Like you can-- CC mentioned could Kevin Love take David West's job? Sure, but David West basically out of the rotation. Like the-- could Tristan Thompson take JaVale McGee's job? Sure, but JaVale's out of the rotation.

Like so-- I do though find something that Steph said a little, I don't know, entertaining, when he talked about, listen, we had-- we were tested this year, it was hard this year. What is also true, and this happens, injuries are always a part of sports, I get it, but usually, at some point, they even out, to a degree.

The Warriors first championship, they did not face a starting point guard the entire playoffs. In the NBA finals, Kevin Love was already out. The Cavs have played them to overtime in game one, and then Kyrie breaks his kneecap and he's done for the series. The year they won the title with KD, Kawhi has those Spurs up nearly 20 points in game one, Zaza injures him, they do not win a game in that series. And then this year, they're down 3-2 to the Rockets, and in the game they go down 3-2, Chris Paul pulls his hamstring and they don't win again.

Meanwhile, none of-- not Steph, not Klay, not Draymond, not KD have missed a single conference finals or NBA finals game in this run. The biggest injury they've suffered is Iguodala this post-season, who is their fifth most important player. That's just good fortune. That is good luck that they have not suffered the injuries and their opponents have.

You can say Chris Paul's was coming.

JENNA WOLFE: They did, just at a different time.

- But Kawhi's wasn't coming. Kyrie's wasn't coming. Kevin Love's happened before they even got to the finals.

JENNA WOLFE: Could you squint a little light a little bit at the end of the tunnel sort of by saying this is a Warriors team that plays up and down to it's competition? This is a Warriors team that maybe came into that Rockets game last night knowing CP3 wasn't there. Didn't really turn it on till the third. They seem to do that all the time. And maybe in so doing, LeBron could find a way to eke out a game, two games, I don't know, maybe three games?

- Yeah. They go up and down on people's head. This is the best team that we've seen in our generation in basketball.

- I'm trying, Nick.

- All right? This is who they are. Talk about being lucky, they got three of the best shooters, and definitely three of the best shooters ever on one team. The way they pass the basketball. Their ability to be able to get stops, all right? Because there's something about Houston and their whole system, how they get all these analytics and they going to shoot all these threes.

Let me tell you what they did the last five games offensively.

NICK WRIGHT: Yeah, didn't--

- All right? 85, 95, 98, 86, and 92 points. The greatest offensive team that we've ever seen. All right, the Houston Rockets, that's what they did the last five games.

So how lucky do the Warriors? Not only are they great shooters, but they do play great defense, and we don't give them credit for that.

NICK WRIGHT: Listen-- Well, I mean, I think a lot of people do give them credit. Their first championship, they were the number one defense in basketball. The second-- the year they won 73 games, the number one defense in basketball. They fell off a little bit once they got KD, but they're offense went to another level.

This is an amazing basketball team. It's the best third quarter team I've ever seen. It's the most talented team I've ever seen. But I'd be lying if I didn't say they also have been incredibly fortunate on their path with the injuries to their opponent and the lack of injuries to them.

As far as the Cavs, the Cavs do not have the defensive discipline to play 40 minutes, 30 minutes, 20--

CRIS CARTER: Or the athleticism.

- Yeah. But--

- I mean, if you individually break them down, it's not about-- they're not a good-- JR is not a good defender. Kyle Korver is awful. Kevin Love, just as bad. Like-- so no.

And the main reason why there's no way to victory, or squeaking, or squinting, or ever going blind is because they can't win on the road, right? They're not going to be able to go to Oracle and build a win a game. So there, automatically, they come back down 2-0.

- Listen, you've got to play 46 minutes, at least, of great defense to beat the Warriors. The Cavs haven't played a playoff game where they played more than 22 minutes of great defense. Like nah, they don't got the horses.