Stephen Jackson unveils how LeBron James will keep his Cavs from falling to Celtics in Game 3

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe in studio on First Things First to discuss the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals, Stephen Jackson unveils how LeBron James will keep his Cleveland Cavaliers from falling to the Boston Celtics in Game 3. Will The King lead his squad to victory in Game 3?

- How far do they have to go to get back into this game mentally? What are they lacking? What are they missing? And why wouldn't they be? This is as must win as it gets for a lot of these other players.

- There's a lot of questions that need to be answered for them right now. But the only answer that I have is they're going home and they have The Kang. And the K-A-N-G will not let them lose Game 3. I don't care how good Boston's playing. I don't care what Brad Stevens has to do.

I really feel like The King is going [INAUDIBLE] way, especially going home. Like I said, we all-- they always play good playing at home-- going home. And a lot of guys might hit shots now that they're going home. But I don't think LeBron's going to let them lose Game 3.

- What Ty Lue's talking about when talking about being mentally tough, Jenna, he's talking about doing things the way they had installed the game plan.

- Not getting rattled.

- Once you get into the real live situation, let's go through what our game plan was. Let's not get caught up in the emotion of it. It's doing your job with a great deal of intensity, but also having a great deal of detail to it.

We understand what the game plan is. We know where we want to get the ball. We know what we want to stop them from doing. Let's be able to do that. So that's the type of laser focus that Ty Lue is looking for from this team.

- And that's what Boston have. It's hard. You've got these young guys on this team. They've been through a lot of adversity during the season and the playoffs, but they kept their composure the whole season during the playoffs, during the regular season, when guys went down when they lost games. They kept their composure. They don't get rattled.

You can't really teach that. These young guys have that. And that's why Boston's been so successful.

- And here's the other thing that Cleveland has to be able to get back to. I know they were a terrible defense throughout the regular season, just like they were a terrible defense through the regular season last year. Last year in the playoffs, they were able to turn it on. This year in the playoffs, it looked like they had done that. They played their best four game stretch of defense all season in the four-- I think Games 2 through 5 or 1 through 4 against Indiana. They got punched in the mouth in Game 1.

And while they struggled in that series offensively-- they couldn't hit shots-- they at least had a concerted effort on defense. And then, in a weird way, blowing Toronto out the way they did, it seems to me like it was only bad for them. It made everyone relax to a degree. LeBron's playing at this super high level. We're hitting shots, again. We're the overwhelming favorites against Boston.

They-- I think they were probably thinking they were going to end up playing Philly. They got happy they're playing Boston. And they didn't respond to getting embarrassed in Game 1. They didn't respond to LeBron being awesome to start Game 2. And the defense never showed up.

- We know this is not a-- physically, a good team. We know that, when you don't play good defense, it's hard to goon up the game or it's hard to be physical. They are an offensive team, get up and down the court, shoot the three, and LeBron James.

So if you want to watch something-- Jenna, it's something you picked out in game number two. Let's watch the body language of the Cavs player. Let's watch their eyes. Let's watch how they roll their eyes at each other. Let's see if they are this unhappy couple that they don't want the public to know about when they get into Game 3.

Because for me, I believe that gives a young Celtics team-- it gives them confidence. If they see that in the Cavs' eyes, I believe it lights a fire under these young players.

- And one thing about LeBron. What is true is this. If he sees that his teammates are not there, if he-- we have seen this from LeBron a few times in the past. When he feels like, man, no matter what I do, I do not have a winning hand, he will keep playing at a high level. But he's not going to be the emotional support leader these guys are going to need.

Like, if these guys are not locked in, he is not going to be rah-rahing. He'd still go for a 40-point triple-double, but he's not going to be a guy to get you back in the game mentally if you don't come to the game ready mentally.

- When he's playing potentially his last two games in Cleveland, now's the time to pull out the Michael Jordan. If you've got to punch a teammate, do whatever you've got to do. LeBron got to get them two wins, not one, in these two games.