Nick Wright on Klay’s contract talks with Warriors: ‘I don’t know why a player would ever leave $86M on the table’

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Reacting to the report that Klay Thompson is discussing a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors, Nick Wright questions why the sharpshooting Splash Brother would welcome taking far less money than his market value. Do you agree with Nick?

- My reaction is, this can't be true. I want to make sure the audience understands. The Warriors can sign Klay Thompson when he's a free agent. They can go over the cap to sign him.

They have his Bird rights. They can sign him for five years $188 million. That's if he signs after next season. If he signs prior to that, the most they can give him is five years $102 million.

Same number of years, an $86 million pay cut or hometown discount he would be giving this team. This team that has the money for a new arena. This team that's going to pay Durant the max.

Just paid Steph the max. It is-- I can't figure out the logic as to why Klay Thompson would take this type of discount unless he believes they wouldn't bring him back at five years $188. But they have to bring him back at five years $188 if he forces the issue.

I'm not into players giving teams discounts for no reason. Though if the owners wanted a higher salary cap, they could have given the players more money. I don't understand this.

I don't know why Klay would do it. It would be one thing if he couldn't sign with them unless it was at a discount. But he can and he should. I don't know why he would deprive himself of $86 million so Joe Lacob, one of the richest men in the NBA, can keep that money.

- I don't know all the information with the Golden State signing. To me, it seems a little odd that someone would take that type of discount. But from a basketball standpoint, they are better with Klay being in the lineup.

Is Clay better off served being in Golden State as their number three, sometime their number four? I believe it fits his personality. I believe he doesn't want to go anywhere.

Can Klay Thompson be the number one player on another team? Probably. I don't believe it helps his career. Can he be the second best player?

Yeah, he probably could. I don't believe it helps his career. I believe him playing basketball long-term to the end of his career with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant is the best option for his career.

- We know they can win a championship with Klay as the second best player. We also know they can win a championship with Klay as the third best player. If this report was Klay Thompson is strongly considering leaving Golden State after next year because he wants to go see if he can be the best player, that would be interesting.

That-- I would buy into that. I think CC is right, though. He doesn't have the thirst for that, if you will. And I think his father's history of being on champ-- his father's history in the NBA with Michael Thompson has colored what Klay decides or determines as valuable and important.

But I just don't know why a player would ever leave $86 million on the table when he'd be a Warrior one way or the other. It would be one thing if he's leaving money on the table to stay there. But he can stay there no matter what. I saw this report, and it struck me as-- it just didn't make sense to me logically.

- I mean, he could stay there no matter what, as long as the Warriors want to sign him to a five-year max deal. Correct?

- Yes. I mean--

- Is there any doubt?

- Not to me. I mean-- the Warriors are getting San Francisco to build them a new arena. They have been-- they are now one of the more profitable teams in the league.

They're one of the most popular teams in the league. It would be crazy to me if they decide we're going to be cheap on keeping the Splash Brothers together. Especially with what Klay does for Steph defensively.