Nick Wright on Dez Bryant: ‘The Dallas Cowboys are worse today than they were Thursday’

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In his reaction to Dez Bryant saying that his release from the Dallas Cowboys was an 'unfair situation,' Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why be believes the Cowboys are no better off now than they were prior to releasing Bryant. What will Jerry Jones do to replace Dez?

- They believed there were, what we would call non-football reasons, but reasons that do affect football. So it's not just production. It is about whatever-- what CC's alluding to-- that-- that they thought he had a negative effect, either in the locker room or on the quarterback in particular, because otherwise moving on from him is perplexing because they are-- I understand he has not lived up to his contract the last three years. But the Dallas Cowboys are worse today than they were Thursday.

You are still better in 2018 with Dez Bryant than with a femoral cap space that like-- there's not even a lot of good players left to sign. And the Cowboys-- what's the window I talk about all the time. The best window-- there's two categories in the NFL-- do you have a quarterback on a rookie pay scale? Do you not? They're going into year three of what will only be four years of Dak on this rookie pay scale. They just took, at least, a slight step backwards in the skill position area. They must have thought they could overcome that.

- One of those huge things is if Dez end up getting hurt in the offseason workouts, his whole salary will be guaranteed, and they will be stuck. So that has to be-- with Dez's injury history, you have to look at him getting hurt and his contract being guaranteed. I think that played the role in Dallas deciding to release him.