Nick Wright unveils how significant it would be if the Spurs upset the Warriors in round one of the playoffs

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In his preview of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, Nick Wright eyes round in the West, revealing how significant it would be if LaMarcus Aldridge and the San Antonio Spurs upset Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors.

- The Warriors losing this series would be on par with the greatest first-round upsets in NBA history. People think of, when they think of first-round upsets, I think they remember Dikembe Mutombo holding the ball over his head when the Nuggets beat the Sonics or Allan Houston's runner when the Knicks beat the Heat. Those were 8 over 1's.

But those were in a five-game series era when it was a lot easier to execute this type of upset. Because the shorter the series, the bigger chance of an upset. That's why you see more upsets in the NCAA tournament, for example. That's a one-game series.

Since we've gone to seven games, the biggest upset that we've ever seen actually did involve the Golden State Warriors but a totally different iteration of them. The Baron Davis Golden State Warriors as the eight seed beating Dirk Nowitzki, MVP Dirk Nowitzki, and the Dallas Mavericks, I would put this, if the Spurs were to win, I would put this on par if not greater than that. Because at least in that series, you saw some match-up weaknesses that, though potentially, those Warriors could exploit against these Mavericks.

To me, there is only one path to the Spurs being competitive in this series, much less winning it. And it's one thing you mentioned and kind of glossed over. You said, what if LaMarcus Aldridge goes for 40? I watched LaMarcus Aldridge up close and personal in games one and two, when he was still with Portland when they were playing Houston in the first round, go for 46 and 18 and followed up with 43 and 8. Back-to-back playoff games of 43-plus points, and the Blazers won those two games.

The only shot, to me, the Spurs have-- forget winning the series-- of winning more than a game in this is if LaMarcus Aldridge channels what he has been known to do in a few playoff series, which is I'm going to go be the best player on a court. He was the best player on a court in a series with Damian Lillard, James Harden, and Dwight Howard, and when Dwight Howard was better then than he is now. And LaMarcus Aldridge dominated. That is, to me, the only shot the Warriors have, game one, game two, any of the games.

- Well, then here's a question. If LaMarcus Aldridge is going to have to step up for the Spurs, and obviously KD's going to step up for the Warrior's, who right now going into this series has more pressure on them, CC?

- Golden State, there ain't no pressure on San Antonio.

- No, LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Durant?

- Oh, Kevin Durant, yeah. I mean, LaMarcus Aldridge did not have the type of regular season last year that he wanted. He came back, asked Pop for a trade, and Pop told him, go out and get me an All-Star. Go out and get me someone. He came back this regular season. Man, if Kawhi Leonard, this would have been a really exciting Western Conference, the season.

Because the way LaMarcus played, if we had Kawhi playing at the level that we're used to him playing, it could have been a very entertaining season. But it's on KD. KD's the final MVP. LaMarcus got them to the playoff. Their streak of making it to the playoffs has continued. The storyline there would be all the season without Kawhi. It won't be on LaMarcus. So all that pressure, to me, lies on KD.