Nick Wright on Cleveland: If LeBron were not on the Cavs, they’d be the Orlando Magic

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe after the Cleveland Cavaliers earned their 50th win of the season with their victory over the New York Knicks, Nick Wright explains how this accomplishment solidifies the notion that adding LeBron James to any team in the East immediately makes them the favorite in that conference. Do you agree with Nick?

- Lebron's got a long list of unbelievable accomplishments. This isn't at the top of it, but it's on that upper shelf. I mean, last night LeBron became the first player ever to win 10 straight divisional titles. The only guys with nine straight were either on the Lakers in the 80s or Russell's Celtics. Lebron's obviously done it with two different organizations. This will also be Lebron's 10th consecutive personally 50 win season. It is his 12th overall 50 win season. That's something where eventually he will set the all time record in as well.

But to win the same amount of games this year as they did last year, it answers what to me has been one of the most fun what ifs that has been asked about LeBron James in part of the last decade. If you put LeBron James on any team in the East, do they become the favorites in the East? And the answer is unequivocally absolutely yes. The Cavs right now are the favorites in the East. If LeBron were not on this team, they are the Orlando Magic, a team who's best player would be Kevin Love, who only played 60 games. They're fighting for 20 to 25 wins. So LeBron James this year, worth 25 games for a team. No one else in the league is worth more than 10.

This answers all those great questions about how much is it the system, how much is it the coaching, how much is it the supporting cast. No, no, no, it's him. And there were questions about that when he was with Wade, or when Kyrie was there. No questions about it this year. You went from Kyrie being traded, to IT being hurt, to the entire team being traded, to Kevin Love being out, to Ty Lue being out. They're going into game 82, Jenna, and they had not yet played one game with their full roster.

- So then this becomes my question to you guys, maybe it doesn't matter. The last month we've been talking about how this Cavaliers team doesn't have a solidified roster where the same five are going to show up night after night. And I think maybe it doesn't matter, maybe what they've done getting 50, 51 wins is going to be just fine with this sort of piece mealed group of players that they put together because of LeBron James. What do you think about that CC?

- Well, LeBron James is-- that's a good start. I mean, if you look at the East-- we're trying to make the comparison what they did this year compared to what they did last year. And just because they had Kyrie. Last year, they gave up the number one seed and lost their way to 50 wins. This year, they had to win. They had to push the gas at the end. They won nine out of the last 11 games. So yeah, they're at the same point, but how they got there is totally different. This was an awful regular season. This was a ugly regular season. They also lost their superstar of the future in Kyrie Erving.

So man, this is the type of season-- we talked about Russ earlier like this being monumental. I mean, this is a monumental season in Cleveland. This is going to be the season that they lost LeBron. Forget about what happens in the playoffs. LeBron decides to leave them. We're not going be sitting around tomorrow, "Aw man, they won 50 games," or, "They won 51 games." No. That's going to be the season that led to LeBron exiting Cleveland. So we can sit around and be like, "Yeah, great regular season. Yeah, they accomplished with everything they went through winning 50 games, it is an accomplishment. OK, let's give a small hand clap." Now let's watch and see what happens after that. Because for me, it's the aftermath that is more important than the totality of the season.