Cris Carter believes Jerry Jones needs a reality check if he thinks Cowboys are not far behind Eagles

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Joined by Super Bowl champion Chris Canty, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reacts to Jerry Jones saying that there's 'not a big gap' between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

- Well, there's a certain amount of reality. And I never won a Super Bowl. So I've been chasing a lot of teams, chasing Jerry Rice, chasing the Cowboys, chasing Green Bay. In Philadelphia, we was chasing the Giants. They won. Chasing the Washington Redskins with Joe Gibbs. They won.

So I feel like I have a great perspective on analyzing where a team is and, actually, where my team was. And man, I always made a mistake, man, Chris. I always thought we was a lot closer to them than we really were.

It was kind of like that little sign in your mirror that said, objects in the mirror--

JENNA WOLFE: Are closer than they appear.

- They're closer than they appear. Like, they are not that close to Philadelphia. They were no more closer than we were to the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers. The only time we got close is when we went out and got Moss. That's when we got closer.

And that's when I knew, man, we wasn't-- it wasn't the difference between, how far are we behind them, it's, man, right now, we can play with anyone. And they did that a couple of years ago with their draft. That's how they got their quarterback. And that's how they got Z. What have they done since then?

The offensive line, in the last two years, they haven't gotten better. We could say that last season, as that unit, that was the worst season that they've had. They couldn't add anyone in free agency this offseason. So no, what Philadelphia has done adding to that, what Howie Roseman has done adding these little pieces-- Mike Wallace, Chris Long coming back another year, Bennett-- trading him from Seattle.

I mean, how would you like to have, maybe, a seventh or eighth defensive lineman be, hm, Haloti Ngata?

- How about that? I'm telling you. I'm telling you.

- What about that? I mean, a silent assassin in your locker room. Like, so Jerry-- I've been doing this a while. Hey, Jerry, you're a lot further away from them than it actually really appears. And you need to be more concerned about some of the other teams in the NFC too, just besides the Eagles.

- Yeah, the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. And we see the Los Angeles Rams are staffing up as well.

- And I'm pretty sure Aaron Rodgers is going to play this year.

- Pretty sure. Pretty sure he's going to be back. Chip on his shoulder, literally, I guess. But when you start looking at the two teams-- the Cowboys and the Eagles-- I think the separation is clearly defined in the caliber of defense that they're bringing to the table. I mean, you can make an argument for the skill position groups. You can make an argument at the offensive line positions. I think both of those could be considered washes.

But when you look, defensively, at what the Philadelphia Eagles are bringing to the table, their front seven is about as good as anybody in football and the depth that they have up front. See, when it comes to playing good defense, you have to have good depth up front. And when you have the glut of pass rushers that they do, adding Michael Bennett to a group that has Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox and all of those guys-- Derek Barnett, the rookie that we saw last year-- they're going to be a tough out for anybody. The Dallas Cowboys--

- Question for you, Chris. Sorry to cut you off.

- Go ahead.

- But I think it's important. Because I never won. After you won that championship, did that make y'all better as a team? Like, how does that transfer into what you can do, moving on? Because now, you know you're a winner, compared to, oh, I think we're pretty good.

- Exactly. It's the difference in psychology, right? We think we can versus we know we can. We've done it before. Having that experience makes a difference.

But that being said, it's hard to eat when you're full. So we'll see if there's a Super Bowl hangover with the Philadelphia Eagles. Can Doug Pederson's coaching staff get these guys ready to go again, because you have a condensed offseason?

But back to the comparisons with the defense and the defensive lines, when you look at the Dallas Cowboys, it's like they're playing spades with pass rushers. They got two and a possible. Like, they got David Irving, they got Demarcus Lawrence, and a bunch of other guys that, maybe, sometimes, they can give you some pass rushers.

- When they moved Brandon Graham in the Super Bowl, it let you--

- That was the difference in the game!

- Yes.

- That was the difference in the game. The Cowboys, outside of Demarcus Lawrence, don't have somebody that can close out games that way-- nobody on third down, nobody in the two-minute situations, nobody in end-of-game situations. Those are the critical phases that you have to be good defensively, especially if you're a team built like the Dallas Cowboys.