Nick Wright on Isaiah Thomas: ‘This is a sports tragedy what happened to this guy’

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In light of Isaiah Thomas having to undergo season-ending hip surgery, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why I.T.'s story should be a cautionary tale to other injured players around the league, especially Kyrie Irving who took his place on the Boston Celtics.

- Man, enormously, this is-- as far as sports goes-- not real life, but sports-- this is a sports tragedy, what's happened to this guy. One of the best stories in the league, the last pick of a draft, bounces around, finds a home in Boston, has as good of a season as any under 5'10" player has ever had in the history of the sport, and then this-- to go from that to this before he gets his money-- and when we have real reason to believe that had he simply done what people would have called the selfish thing, but certainly, the smart thing, which was shut it down last year-- the first signs of this hip injury-- he's likely fine?

Now, maybe he doesn't recapture his full brilliance of last season. But we're not talking about a one year maybe deal. This is the type of thing when CC's so adamant about Kawhi Leonard protecting himself-- this is the type of thing when, if I'm Kyrie Irving, with that same organization and I'm thinking about the long term health of my knee, that I'm thinking about, well, hold on. How much can we trust the team's that are employing us.

Because Isaiah Thomas is-- I hope he can somehow get his money at some point. But I don't see a path for a 29-year-old coming off multiple hip surgeries his size in the league-- the market for him. And this was-- I mean, this is absolutely a cautionary tale. And it's a sad story as well.

- As a player, the thing that you-- you have to take advantage of when you have leverage or when you have the opportunity to be compensated. You can't get caught up into what the team want, what fans want. You have to be able to take care of what your money-maker is. That is your body. And when your body fails you, they're going to get rid of you. So you have to be able to try to leverage and maximize when you're in your prime to be able to take care of your body. Because that is what's going to get you paid.

Isaiah-- I don't know what you want to call it. But he made a mistake in trying to put the team and their goals and trying to get to the finals last year in front of his overall health. And then, it wasn't only the team's fault, it was Isaiah's fault. Because this offseason, he could have had surgery. But he decided to go the other route-- the slow route-- not have a procedure and let it heal on its own, because that's a choice that he made.

That was the wrong choice. Because if he had made the choice that he's making now, which-- he's going to have a procedure done on that hip. If he had made that last year, then he would have a chance to change the arc of where he is right now.

So yeah, it is pro sports. Did he miss out on the opportunity? Yes. But it was a decision that he made. Every player is in business for himself. Myself-- my name is Cris Carter, Inc. The name of my company is CC80. And that is the number one thing.

It is not the team. It is not the team doctor. It is not the fans.

And we have seen this throughout the years-- guys trying to put their body on the line. And at the end of the day, for what? What did he get out of that? Nothing.