Nick Wright on the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating Toronto: The Raptors had no answer for LeBron

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In his reaction to LeBron James notching 35 points, 17 dimes and 0 turnovers in the Cleveland Cavaliers' 132-129 win over the Toronto Raptors, Nick Wright breaks down how The King was able to lead his squad to victory, noting this is the playoff version of LeBron that all title contenders should immediately take note of. Do you agree with Nick?

NICK WRIGHT: I thought maybe Toronto would say, you know what, Cleveland? We're not showing you nothing till Eastern Conference Finals. We're going to take this game off. They obviously didn't. They had their full complement of players, except for C.J. Miles, who was out.

And this was the worst possible result for the Raptors. This was worse than being blown out, because you had them, and then what happened? LeBron executed that zero dark 30 he talks comes to playoffs, and there was no answer.

And you have asked me all year long, are you worried about the Cavs? Why are you not worried about the Cavs? That is why I've never been worried about the Cavs and this conference, because when you have that guy, and he can do that, activate that level of play-- now the 17 assists, zero turnovers, even by LeBron's standards, is somewhat unprecedented to go along with 35 points. But at least 90% of that is what we will expect to see from him night in, night out in the postseason. The Raptors do not have an answer.

And when the game ended last night, this is what I was thinking about. When the Cavs are up 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals, and they've won game four in Cleveland, this is the game that people will remember. This is the game where Cleveland reminded everyone that, if you don't have either a way to just send waves at LeBron or an overwhelming level of talent the way the Warriors do, in a playoff series, when he's got-- he played 39 minutes last night. In the playoffs, he's going to play 43. So there's going to be fewer minutes where it's just Cleveland's bench against your bench. You don't have an answer for that.