Nick Wright: What Tiger Woods’ return to form means for the sport of golf

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Reflecting on Tiger Woods shooting 4-under par at Bay Hill, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe what the return of Tiger Woods to form would mean for the sport of golf. Does Tiger have a chance of winning the Masters?

- For me, because I'm not-- CC's a good golfer. CC's been to the Masters. CC loves golf absent of Tiger. That is not me. I remember being with my-- rest in peace-- with my grandfather when I was 11 years old, running up to his room and saying, there's this kid-- they say he's going to be amazing. It was when he won his third amateur. And saying there's-- and he knew who he was because he was such a golf fan, and for me, that moment is when golf started to exist. And you know when golf stopped existing for me? That night before Thanksgiving nine years ago, when it-- I didn't know it at the time, but when we lost Tiger Woods for a long time.

There was the one year since, then he won player of the year, but didn't win any majors. Like, this for me is a sport coming back into existence that's been dormant. That's been-- what do bears do in the winter? When they go to--

- They hibernate.

- Hibernating. Thank you. That's been hibernating for the last few years. And one nerdy golf note that should be mentioned, you said before this tournament that for Tiger, if it's a par 72 with four par fives, for Tiger, that needs to be a par 68. That what was so impressive about the Valspar, is he wasn't a leap on the par fives, yet he still finished in second place. Yesterday, he finishes with four under-- he finishes at 4 under. There are four par fives. He was 4 under on those four par fives, even the rest of the other 14 holes. So he took advantage of those opportunities. He was a lead around the green. He led the field in strokes gained around the green. If he can get his driver and his three wood to stop going sideways.

- Just to be average.

- Just to be average accuracy of the tee with his driver or three wood, he is-- he is back to being the single most dangerous golfer on tour, and it's-- for me, it's exhilarating.