Cris Carter reveals why Kirk Cousins ‘absolutely’ made the right choice with the Minnesota Vikings

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why Kirk Cousins 'absolutely' made the right choice by signing a 3-year/$84M fully-guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

- Absolutely. I mean, he went to the best team-- top to bottom-- offense, defense, skill guys. Comfort level with the head coach. Yes, he went to an organization-- the Vikings in the last 30 days, they just opened up a immaculate new practice facility in Egan, Minnesota, right outside-- in one of the suburbs of Minnesota.

We know from the stadium, with the Super Bowl being there. Great facilities that they have there. Zimmer, Rick Spillman, the general manager. The Wilf family, a family from New Jersey. Like, they have invested in this football team.

They're trying to bring the first championship to the Twin Cities. So I've I felt like-- Kirk Cousins-- the best team to go to was gonna be the Minnesota Vikings. My thing was there had to be a get-out price. And I think that was beyond the $28 million. And I had to have a--

- What's your get-out price?

- $30 million.

- He's saying where the Vikings would tap out. A price where they would say, you know what, I'm out of the bidding.

- It's too much.

- Right.

- It's a car auction, and you stop putting your [INAUDIBLE].

- I can really live with the price that they're paying per season and the amount of time that they're with. If you look at Kirk Cousins and his age, giving him a three-year deal, given the climate in the NFL-- as far as quarterbacks and some of the other important positions-- yes, I believe this is the right price. I believe they did get him at the right deal. And he took some compromises. So he didn't go for the highest deal, you know.

Because he could have gone to the Jets. The Jets, basically, he could have named his price there. So I like the fit. Minnesota, I believe they're doing a lot of the right things.

And, I mean, this is a team that has been very, very close. Does a quarterback really help them? If you're gonna beat Aaron Rodgers, if you're gonna beat the other teams in the NFC, you need a quarterback. And the Vikings have theirs.