Warriors Woes: Nick Wright breaks down what went wrong in Golden State’s loss to T-Wolves

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Reflecting on Golden State's loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe the critical impact of Steph Curry's absence and what that means for the defending champs as the 2018 NBA playoffs approach. Can Kevin Durant continue to carry the load if Curry's ankle prohibits him from playing or is this now the Houston Rockets' year?

NICK WRIGHT: They now have two more losses than Houston. Like, as far as the-- just tell me why you're laughing, CeCe.

- Because we went to-- the Raptors, are they the best team? No, they're not the best team. But Golden State, with Steph Curry-- this is critical, where they are right now. It's just interesting--

NICK WRIGHT: Well, the question was-- hold on. The question was, can they get the one-seed?

- Yeah, I know, I heard the question.

NICK WRIGHT: And so-- OK. So well, I'm trying to explain-- the critical part of it is, if you have two more losses than Houston, and Houston has the tiebreaker, you need Houston to fall at-- if you go undefeated the rest of the way, you need Houston to lose at least three more times. They are, effectively, three games back of Houston. So their ability to get the one-seed-- now, whether or not the one-seed is critical, is up for debate.

- Or any seed.

NICK WRIGHT: Correct. Whether or not any seed-- that-- that's up for debate. But, this loss, they're back-to-back losses-- Portland on Friday, and, then, Minnesota on Thursday-- I'm sorry, on Sunday-- after Houston snapped their own winning streak. Houston lost to Toronto Friday night. This was an opportunity for them. They weren't able to take advantage of it.

And I know they don't have Steph Curry, but, it should be noted, Minnesota doesn't have their best player, either, Jimmy Butler-- or, you could argue, their best or second best player, just like you can with the Warriors with Steph and KD. Like, I-- it is hard for me to see them getting the one-seed. What do we think the Rockets are going to do the rest of the way? Like, how many more losses do we think the Rockets have, whether or not they need the one-seed, we can argue about that. But two losses, and not having the tiebreaker, is a big difference for Golden State.

- I believe being the one-seed is-- is important for all teams, of the seeding in the tournament, in the NBA playoffs. What's the least important to Golden State? Their seeding, because they have the most talent.

So with Steph not being able to be healthy in the stretch run, do we think they were going to make ground up on Houston? Now, this was a bad weekend for 'em. But a lot of teams have a bad weekend. If you played Portland, and you backed up with Minnesota, all the teams in the NBA, probably, except Houston, could jeopardize losing both of those games. So tough matchups for them--

- Yeah.

- --in both of those games. Yes, I do believe that Golden State is still the favorite in the West, regardless if they are the number one seed or the number two seed.

- Is it just a coincidence that they lost two games without Steph--


- --or does this team go as Steph goes, and does that mean he is, actually, the most important person, the last peg on this team?

NICK WRIGHT: I mean, this is-- the-- I've been pretty consistent on this point. This team, this year, without KD, but with Steph Curry, is 7-0. This team, this year, without-- without Steph Curry, is 11-6. Like, they-- Durant was great Friday and Sunday. And they lost both those basketball games.

Against Portland, they played poorly early on. They didn't have a huge third quarter, take the lead with a couple minutes left in the third quarter. And, then, Portland spreads them out and wins by, what, 15, 16 points? Like, this team, for all the talent that it has, when Steph isn't out there, feels like just a regular, good basketball team that, like, you're saying. You play Portland, you play Minnesota, those teams can beat you--

- Yes.

NICK WRIGHT: And so the--

- I think the result would have been the same. If KD was out and Steph was playing--

- Yeah.

- --they would have lost in Portland, and still lost to Minnesota.


- KD is still-- he's doing his part. But, when you put together this team, they are not a team that can sustain an injury to their top players. They don't have the bench, and they don't have the scoring. So, if you take away one or two of their top scorers, I believe the results would be exactly on the same on this road trip, being to Portland and Minnesota.