Nick Wright reacts to LeBron’s Cavs losing to Lonzo’s Lakers

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, dropping them to the 4th spot in the East. Are you concerned The King's squad will not make the Eastern Conference Finals?

- No, they will get better when the talent-- when they get back those players. But we act as if Tristan Thompson was making all-NBA before he got injured. He was playing awful. LeBron and Jeff Green were awful on defense.

So we talk about their back court being bad-- offensively, defensively-- their front court-- not only their center, their forwards. LeBron and Jeff Green-- I mean, Randall's scoring--

NICK WRIGHT: 36. He had the best day of his life.

- I mean, they got all kinds of problems that-- I don't believe they have enough to be able to get them to the finals. So for me, I've been concerned about Cleveland for a long time, and that just continues as we get into the middle of March.

- Well, hold on. That was interesting there. You said "enough to get to the finals." That's your level of concern right now-- that they could make-- not making the finals?

- I've been saying that. Yes, absolutely-- the NBA finals. That's my goal.

- No, no, no, of course. No no no. I under--

- Yes.

NICK WRIGHT: But I know that when-- even when the Cavs have been playing better, you've been concerned enough that you've said, even if they make the finals, I don't think they can win it. Right now, though, you're concerned about whether they would even get there.

CRIS CARTER: Absolutely.

- Whether they'd even get to the--

- I mean, what have they done that would say, oh, yeah, they can still beat Toronto? Like, nothing, to me.

- No, it's just-- and again.

- And the only thing we're relying on is, oh, Toronto hasn't been as good the last three playoffs. That's the only thing that we're relying on.

- No, we're also relying on what we've seen in the last 10 years in the playoffs from LeBron in the East. Like, that is-- you guys keep asking me what it'll take for me to shake my faith. And all year long, I haven't picked them to win the title. But all year long, I've picked them to go to the finals.

And I just need to see it. I need to see there to be a series in the East. Because even the--

- So this is-- Cleveland-- regardless of how bad they play-- you won't be concerned until someone else does something.

- I won't be concerned with Cleveland's ability to make the NBA finals until the other team has three wins, they're down 10 points with a minute left. Like, I just won't be. [INAUDIBLE]

CRIS CARTER: Don't you think Cleveland gets swept in the finals?

- What? Playing the way they played last night, absolutely. Absolutely.

- All right, well, let's just take the first 60 games.

- Take the first-- well, we haven't seen Kevin Love with the new pieces. We haven't seen Kevin Love with the new pieces and the month of the playoffs they're going to have. Like, right now, they would be a heavy underdog to Golden State or to Houston. If Kevin Love were to not come back, yeah, I do think they'd get swept in the finals by either team that makes it, whether it's Golden State or Houston.

But am I certain of how that's going to play out once the Cavs have had their month and a half of the playoffs, and once we see what Houston and Golden State does to each other in the conference finals? I'm not. But--