Nick Wright answers the million-dollar question if Kevin Durant hurt his legacy by going to Warriors

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright answers the million-dollar question if Kevin Durant hurt his legacy by leaving Westbrook and the Thunder to join Steph, Klay and Draymond on the Golden State Warriors. Did Durant's move hurt his legacy as one of the All-Time greats?

- He is right about everything but one part of it. One of the parts of the quote we didn't mention there was, he said, I hear the crowd gasp when the ball comes to me on an open shot. He's 100% right. He's 100% right that the fans know how good he is in comparison to his contemporaries. He's 100% right the players in the league know how good he is in comparison to the other players in the league.

The one thing Durant is not taking into account there-- or maybe just doesn't care about, but me, as a guy that loves the history of the game, I do care about-- is what his move to Golden State has deprived us of figuring out is how you can actually place him in the all-time pantheon.

Because he's a guy with all-time pantheon ability. He's a guy that absolutely has the skill set and, theoretically, the accomplishments to be considered one of the 10 greatest players ever. For his career, he gives you 27 a game on better than 49% shooting. Here's the full list of guys who have done that: Durant, LeBron, Jordan, and Wilt.

Like he is in that-- he could end up in that discussion. But it's gonna be so hard. Because everyone in that top-10 all-time has on their resume a championship where we look at it and say, they were the unquestioned, clear-cut alpha on their team-- leader who carried their team.

Kobe got that with his second run at the championship. Shaq got that with the first run. We can go down the list. LeBron didn't get it until two years ago in Cleveland. So that is the one thing, that if Durant stays in Golden State with Steph for the rest of his career, that we won't get to find out. But the rest of it, what he's talking about in the here and now, I got no problems with what he said, and I think what he said is correct.