Nick Wright on why the OKC Thunder have been the NBA’s biggest ‘disappointment’ this season

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In his reaction to the Thunder falling to the Houston Rockets, Nick Wright diagnoses why OKC have been such a 'disappointment' this season despite having the three-headed monster of Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. Is this the last of OKC's Big 3?

NICK WRIGHT: You said at the beginning, they don't have as much talent as some of the teams in the west. They don't as much talent as Golden State or Houston. But they have more talent than all the other teams ahead of them.

They have more talent than Portland. They have more talent than New Orleans. They have more talent than San Antonio, certainly when Kawhi hasn't played all year. They have more-- at least, equal talent to Minnesota, and spent more, once you realize Jimmy Butler's out right now.

Like, this is wildly disappointing for me. I'm a Russ guy. I'm a Paul George guy. Like, Melo-- because I'm a Syracuse guy, I like him, as well. But I knew where he was in his career.

But you have you have Russ, the reigning MVP, one of the eight best players in basketball. You have Paul George, one of the 12 best players in basketball. You should not be fighting for a playoff spot. You-- that should-- you should be fighting for seeding.

And I understand that Andre Roberson went down and their defense has fallen apart without him. This was a team that had a top four defense with Andre-- Roberson, and, now, all of a sudden, is a middle of the pack to bottom third defense without him. You can't have one guy that's not-- unless he's a rim-protecting center-- that is-- has that big of an impact on whether or not your team can compete. You cannot be a team that, right now, has-- is, in the loss column, tied for ninth in the Western Conference. You just can't be, when you have this level of talent.