Nick Wright declares LeBron’s stats will propel him past Jordan and cement him as the greatest NBA player ever

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In his reaction to LeBron James reaching a historic milestone last night where he became the 1st player in NBA history with 30K points, 8K boards and 8K assists, Nick Wright defends his belief to Chris Broussard on why he says LeBron James' stats will propel him past Michael Jordan and cement him as the greatest NBA player to have ever played the game. Do you agree with Nick?

- I'm a man on the island--


- Right, in NBA history. I'm a man on an island to a degree that I think LeBron could retire today and be the greatest player ever. But he's obviously not retiring today. And at some point--

- You're a man on a stump.

- OK, sure.

- Not an island. A stump.

- So you would call it a somewhat deserted island.

- As much as I love LeBron, a stump.

- But, again, I think the biggest LeBron critics have him fourth. Most people have him top three, and I think you have him second. And you're not even a critic, you love LeBron. You're a huge supporter of LeBron.

- But there are a lot of people that have him behind Kobe, so it's not as if--

- OK, those people are nuts, and they don't know what they're talking about. But this is neither here nor there.

- Ex-players, but.

- OK. Well those guys have either Kobe nostalgia bias, whatever it is. But to answer your question, the numbers will become so overwhelming that that island will go from a slightly deserted island to where we need population control on the LeBron's-the-greatest-player island. Yeah, he's the only player ever with 30,000, 8,000, 8,000. He's also the only player ever with 18,000, 8,000, 8,000.

Oh, well the rebound and assist numbers are so-- OK. Let's drop them down a little bit. He's the only player ever with 27,000, 7,000, 7,000. There's only been 36 guys with half of what LeBron has-- 15,000, 4,000, 4,000. Of those 36 guys, they are all in the Hall of Fame, who are eligible. There are a few who are still active players, guys, who are not yet eligible for the Hall of Fame.

We are seeing a guy in year 15, arguably just had the most complete month of his career. The first time in his career, he averaged a triple double for a month. By the way, that's only been done by Oscar Robertson, Russell Westbrook, and Wilt Chamberlain. He just became, of course, the oldest player to ever do it, beating Wilt by nearly two years. He just last night also tied Michael Jordan for the fourth most 20-point games in a career, with 926.

Here's guessing, the next time he goes out there he will go ahead and break Jordan's record on that. What we are seeing is a guy, and he put it perfectly, we've never seen anyone like him. There are no holes in his game. There are no flaws in his game. There has been no weakness, there has been no injury, there has been no, yeah but.

There's the series against the Mavs, which will be held against him and should be held against him. Fortunately for him, what he has done since that series is put together the greatest 6 and 1/2-year stretch in the history of the sport. And he shows no signs of slowing down. So yeah, when he gets to 40,000, 10,000, 10,000, everyone will agree. But I mean, you're laughing.

- You're just throwing that out like that's automatic. 40,000 is automatic?

- I don't think it's automatic. Right now, if you're asking me, yes or no, will he score another 10,000 points? Have another 2,000 rebounds and assists? I would say yes.