Nick Wright unveils why LeBron’s Cavs are more equipped this year than they were with IT or Kyrie

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In his reaction to the Cavs barely defeating the Brooklyn Nets, Nick Wright explains to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe why LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' current roster are more prepared this year on both sides of the court than they were with Isaiah Thomas or even Kyrie Irving. Are The King's Cavs more adequately equipped all-around this year than in previous years?

- The reason you have more reason for optimism regarding their defense, aside from the numbers post all-star break-- and again, very small sample size, numbers post-trade very small sample size-- is because they look just the guys out there are longer and more athletic. And there is not a single guy out there any more, such as Isaiah Thomas, or even to a degree Kyrie Irving last year, that you felt like, well, the other team's just going to target that player to go after him.

Now, obviously Kyrie more than made up for it on the offensive end. Isaiah Thomas couldn't-- one of the reasons he was traded.

So there is reason to be optimistic about their defense. But the general lethargy that you saw pre all-star break, has gone away. However, the lack of attention to detail, I think, you alluded to it. They were giving up open shots.

I've watched every Cavs game this year. They, before the trade, they looked like they didn't care. Post-trade they looked like they care on defense. But at times, they didn't exactly know what they were doing. That on a pick and roll, both guys switch. Or one guy switch one guy doesn't.

And so you saw last night when the Cavs mid-fourth quarter seemed like they were maybe going to get some separation. There was a play where there was a pick and roll. LeBron and I believe it was George Hill, they both went with the pick with the guy setting the screen. They guy with the ball was like, OK, I'll just back up and shoot this three. So there's some lack of communication. But offensively, they were extraordinary. And I know it's the Nets, but still. Their bench scored 56 points. 21 of 36 from the field for their bench, which is outstanding.

Also, the Cavs-- one note from last night's game that continued, which is curious and I wonder how long they can keep this going-- 28 times this year they've led entering the fourth quarter. They're 28-0 in those games. So they are a team that right now-- now, I think they've lost something like 17 straight when trailing entering the fourth quarter. But they have not yet blown a fourth quarter lead, or a lead going into the fourth. It was close last night. The Nets took a lead with a couple of minutes left. Cavs were able to overcome.