Nick Wright unveils where LeBron James is taking his talents to next

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Looking ahead to free agency, Nick Wright unveils to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe which team LeBron James will leave Cleveland for if the Cavaliers do not win the NBA championship. Will Chris Paul and James harden lure The King to leave The Land or will LBJ join phenoms Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in Philly?

NICK WRIGHT: I think it might be the best option for LeBron. I'm a strong believer that LeBron James will only resign in Cleveland if they win the championship.

- Not even if they get close.

NICK WRIGHT: Maybe if they go seven games, he would sign a one-year deal. I've been led to believe the relationship with Dan Gilbert and the trust factor with Dan Gilbert is as bad as it's ever been. Now, we've never seen the best player on a championship winner leave to go to another team. Now, we've seen Jordan walk away, obviously. We've seen guys retire.

But we've never seen a guy win a championship, be the best guy, and then say I'm going somewhere else. So if they win the title, he'll stay. But then we are running out of viable options for LeBron. San Antonio is interesting because of pop, but we don't know Kawhi's status there. And LeBron is going into year 16. He understandably is-- I don't want to say worried about-- but part of the focus is post-playing career.

And San Antonio is not a glamorous market for any of that stuff. The Lakers do not seem close to contending to me. To me, it's Philly and Houston. And so the question that LeBron will ask himself, I would imagine, is this. What do I trust more, Joel Embiid's health, or Chris Paul's age? That, to me, is the question.

Because Houston is obviously far better than Philly, but Chris Paul is in year 13, he's had a checkered injury history already, and the history, NBA history of small guards excelling past year '14, '15, it's really John Stockton and that's it. So there's that, and then there's Embiid, who's played almost the same number of minutes in his career as Lebron's played this year.

So that's a big question mark as well. I like the upside of Philly. I like the long term future of Philly. But that's assuming a big assumption, which is Joel Embiid's health.