Nick Wright on Anthony Davis: ‘He’s absolutely the best big man in the league’

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In his discussion with Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright breaks down why Anthony Davis is not only the best big man in the NBA, but how he is making a case as the 5th best player in the league. Where do you rank AD in the list of current greats?

- Let's not forget that three years ago this guy finished third in the MVP voting.


- He turns 25 in two weeks. He's still just 24 years old. Is he the best big man in the league? To me, absolutely. I think there is a pretty clear cut top four players in the league, LeBron, KD, and then Steph, Harden, Harden, Steph, depending on who you like. Those are your top four. And then he is making a case that he is the fifth best player in this league.

He's going to be first team all NBA, if you consider him at the center position. He is, to me-- people might like Embiid's long-term growth potential more than his. But his is pretty damn good as well. But right now, he's absolutely the best big man in the league. And New Orleans is 34 in 26. They could get the three seed.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, the West is that tight, yeah.

- Right now, Minnesota's the three seed. They're 38 and 26. So they have the same number of losses. And he's doing this-- and his whole career, it's been a shame-- he hasn't had great point guard play or good backcourt play. Drew Holiday's fine.

COMMENTATOR: But he's been injured a lot of time.

- He's been injured throughout. And speaking of injury, injury's been overstated for Anthony Davis. He's been injured repeatedly, but not significantly.

COMMENTATOR: And the last two years, he's been better, this year and last year.

- And even prior to that, he was still playing over 60 games a year. So no, I'm a big buyer on Anthony Davis. People have talked about the early in the year, oh, the Celtics, they're building a trade package for Anthony Davis. They don't want to make these moves because-- why would New Orleans ever trade Anthony Davis?

To get a draft pick to hope that maybe one day you luck into Anthony Davis? This guy is going to be a Hall of Famer. He's another first team all NBA to his credit, probably this year. New Orleans will hold on to him 'til the last possible moment.