Nick Wright on Draymond Green’s 15th technical foul in Golden State’s win over Westbrook’s Thunder

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Nick Wright reacts to Draymond Green's 15th technical foul in the Golden State Warriors' win over Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the Oklahoma CIty Thunder. Do you agree with Nick?

NICK WRIGHT: I want to steal a line from one of the best sports gamblers, a good follow on Twitter, a guy at Twitter, @haralabob-- Haralabos Voulgaris. He put it perfectly. He said, there is no team in the league more thrilling to watch between the whistles than Golden State, and no team more frustrating and annoying after the whistles, than Golden State.

Golden State plays a super fun style of basketball. It's fast paced-- second-fastest pace in the league. It's high scoring. There is a level of artistry to it. The fact that it is the opposite of isolation ball-- so many passing. They assist on 70% of their makes. Like, they are-- they are-- they are truly-- it's balletic, is that a word? Like--

JENNA WOLFE: Sure, it is now.

- It's like a ballet, watching them play.

- But then the whistle blows.

- But, the moment the whistle blows, and Iguodala is doing his best Tim Duncan impression of, I haven't fouled a guy in six years. What are you talking about? Draymond, in this game on Saturday night, smacks Carmelo Anthony on the head, rakes him in the eyes, and is like, oh, where's the foul? I thought I was allowed. I mean, he hits him dead in the head and then whines-- look at that-- whines about the call when he already-- that's not a foul.

Yes, that is a foul. There's a reason they lead the NF-- the NBA in technicals. There's a reason they have 2x the ejections of any other team in the league.

They have nine ejections as a team. No other team has more than four. Durant's got four by himself. Draymond's got three. They have earned-- and that doesn't even get into Zaza's goon, dirty nonsense.

And the thing that I don't understand is this. You look at the technical leaders-- so, number two is Phoenix with 38, right? They're 30-- they're a terrible team.

Number four is the Grizzlies. They're a terrible team. Sandwiched in between them, Thunder. Russ gets too many technicals. Melo's had some.

What are the Warriors mad about? Everything is broken perfectly for you. You have the best injury luck, for you and against you, of any team in recent NBA history.

You've won two of three championships. You added Kevin Durant after winning 73 games. Why y'all so mad?