Danny Kanell reacts to LeBron’s Cavs losing to the Wizards: ‘I’m still optimistic about the Cavaliers’

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Reflecting on Cleveland losing to the Washington Wizards last night 110-103, Danny Kanel explains to Chris Broussard while he is still optimistic that LeBron James will find a way to galvanize his squad and prepare for a playoff run.

- That's the best word to use. It's optimism. I'm still optimistic about the Cavaliers. But, in saying that, when they started off 2-0, I just was kind of like let's just slow down a little bit. And I get it. It's the LeBron effect. Like everybody wants to talk about him. You get excited about him. You want to see how this team can do. How they stack up in the Eastern Conference.

But I do want to see-- I'm actually glad they lost because I want to see how they respond to adversity. Because when everything's great, and you've got fresh blood in the locker room, everybody's in a good mood, yeah, everybody's gonna love each other.

But I want to see the honeymoon period end and start to see the marriage work. And see if they can work out some of the issues that they are going to face like when they go ice cold from the floor in the fourth quarter, and they don't make any 3's.

Or when they lose a game and how do they respond at practice. How do they respond to LeBron's passive aggressive styles? If he calls somebody out in social media, how does that respond? And it's-- I still-- Again, it did remind me after the first two games. It did remind me a little bit of the optimism when Isaiah Thomas came back. In that first game. Remember he came back and he comes out--


- --the first two games.

- Yeah. And everybody's like, this is awesome. This is gonna be a great fit. And I was-- it just-- I try to just slow down, relax. Let's let it play out. Let's see how this works. And I think this is just part of the process for the Cavs as this 2.0 Cavs in this season to see how they fit together.