Chris Broussard: When Steph is unencumbered, not looking for Durant, the Warriors are better

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In his reaction to Golden State defeating the Los Angeles Clippers last night where Steph Curry scored 44 points, Chris Broussard reveals to Danny Kanell why Steph Curry is such a potent offensive force for the Warriors whose electric scoring needs to be showcasesd more as the second half of the season progresses.

- Kevin Durant is their best player. I don't think anybody denies that, because he does it on both ends of the floor, offensively and defensively. But I think Steph Curry, and I thought his showed last night, he's their most important player. When the offense is running through Steph, and he is just throwing up shots. I mean, we've seen him throw up crazy shots.

Shots that you yell, what is he doing? And he goes in 50% of the time. When he's playing like that, unencumbered, not looking for Durant or somebody else. But just doing Steph. They're better. I mean, when they went four and four heading into the All-Star break, Steph was only averaging about 22 points during that stretch.

They struggled. Durant was averaging 27 points. You know, so when Durant is scoring big, I don't think they're as good as when Steph is doing what he wants to do. They beat the Clippers, the Rockets, and the Nuggets, who are all pretty good teams, by double figures without Durant in January, when Steph was having his best stretch of the season.

Steph averaged 35 points a game during that stretch. Remember last year, when Durant was out for the 20 games, when did they come together and start being the Warriors that we kind of expected them to be? When Steph kind of stopped deferring to KD, because KD wasn't there. And just played this game, and then that continued in the playoffs. So that's something to watch for with them.

- Would they win the championship without Steph? And they have KD healthy? And--

- I don't-- I'm going to say no. I don't think they would. When Steph was out, and Durant was running the show, and he played great. He was the play maker. He was kind of playing like LeBron. Their style was different. When Steph is not there-- like they were-- they played more like a lot of other teams, where everything went through KD. He created a lot of stuff.

There's a lot more iso. With Steph it's more ball, player moving, a lot more fluid. They've proven they can win it without Durant. And I think they still could win it without him. If you take away Steph, I really don't think they will win. I don't even know that they get out of the West and beat Houston.

ANALYST? Really?

- Yeah. Because Houston is obviously, at least right now, the second best team in the league.