Cris Carter reveals how Houston’s role players position Rockets to knock off the Warriors

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In his conversation with Nick Wright, Cris Carter reveals why he believes the Houston Rockets possess enough depth to knock off the Golden State Warriors during the Western Conference Playoffs. Will James Harden, Chris Paul and Houston's role players rise to the occasion and take down the champs?

- Of course they can. The thing that we've always worried about the Warriors the last four years was, can you match their ability to shoot threes? Or can you match their scoring? Which it's hard to match their scoring, unless you match them from three point line.

Now, the numbers would tell us that Houston is playing at a level that we've never seen before. I'm sure Nick is going to point that out in what the story tells.

But for me, I'm excited about the other players that they've added. And I believe that these players with the second unit, they provide more grit. All right?

People wonder, well, are they tough enough? Mike D'Antoni and the team, are they tough enough when the possessions are drawn out in the playoff series? Will they have that mental grit to be able to do that? I believe that their bench gives them that.

And I believe that they are less isolation basketball in critical moments. So Chris Paul and Harden playing with the basketball, with each other, hasn't been a problem. They still run a lot of motion. Still do a lot of pick and roll, compared to isolation basketball, which Houston got into last year at the end of games, and which also hurt them in the playoffs.

So, they're were more than legitimate to be able to-- to be able to beat the Warriors. The thing is, are they going to play exactly like they're playing now? Because I believe that's very important. They've been a different team in the playoffs. Chris Paul, does he bring that leadership to you know, get them over the hump? Which happens to be the Golden State Warriors.