Nick Wright explains why the Milwaukee Bucks are the only team who can derail LeBron’s Cavs in East

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Looking ahead to the 2018 NBA playoffs, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter why the Milwaukee Bucks are the only team who can dethrone LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East.

- I think people probably expect me to say, nothing can derail the Cavs in the East, and I've been, I've said all year long when they were struggling, before Isaiah came back from injury, after Isaiah came back from injury, before the trades, after the trades, the Cavs are going to the finals because they have LeBron James.

And the Eastern Conference has been known as the LeBron James Invitational for the better part of the last decade. And I will continue to believe that. But if you were to tell me they are going to get got, someone is going to beat them, I would not say Toronto, who's the second best odds. I would not say Boston, who is in a bit of a free fall after that 22-4 start.

I would say the team that has the best chance to beat them is the team that right now would be their first round match-up, and that's Milwaukee. And it's for two reasons. One is, if they were to meet in the first round, Kevin Love's only going to have what, four to seven games with these new players getting reacclimated to the team?

But also because of the guy we're showing right there. Giannis has played three games against the Cavs this year. Now the Bucks have only won one of those games. But Giannis has averaged 34, 10 and 6. And the way to beat LeBron is to somehow either have overwhelming talent around him or have a series where he's not the best player on the court.

It's been a long time since we've seen that, but you could see that for a week against Milwaukee. That's how special that guy is. So if the Cavs are going to get beaten, I would think it would have to be in the first round. I think it would have to be against a team such as Milwaukee.

You mentioned Philly, I don't trust Philly's youth enough, but it would have be something like that, where Kevin Love--

- You can't trust Milwaukee's shooting. Like they don't shoot the ball well enough to beat the Cavs.

- They don't they don't shoot the ball well enough, but they're so long and ever since Jason Kidd got fired, they've been better defensively, that I think they could stymie to a degree the Cavs' shooting.

- Nick, in your mind, how much did that coaching change shift what they can do?

- I mean I think it was huge, I think it was huge. I think that Jason Kidd from a strategic standpoint, was one of the worst coaches in the NBA. And I think he was holding that team back. And we're also now just seeing Milwaukee with Jabari Parker back for the first time.

Eric Bledsoe's getting more indoctrinated into the lineup. Those guys had never played together. And so for those reasons, I think, if you were to tell me this, let me put it like this. And I'm curious who you think the answer is. Cleveland doesn't come out of the East, who does? My answer would be Milwaukee.