Nick Wright reveals what Russell Westbrook and Thunder need to do to keep Paul George in OKC

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In his reaction to fans lauding Paul George during the 2018 All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, Nick Wright reveals what Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder need to do to keep Paul George in OKC.

- They need to, in this postseason, look like they are a championship contender. And when I say in this postseason, I want to let people know we're at the All-Star break. The Oklahoma City Thunder have 26 losses. The Los Angeles Clippers have 26 losses, and Los Angeles Clippers right now are the nine seed. The nine seed does not get to go to the playoffs.

So while the Thunder have turned it around from what was a tough start, and they're dealing with Roberson's injury, but dealing with it relatively well, the idea that they are a lock for the playoffs is not accurate right now. Now, I think they'll make it, but 26 losses is the Thunder, the Nuggets, the Blazers, the Pelicans, and the Clippers. One of those teams is going to get left out.

So I look at it simply, Chris. Let's assume they make the playoffs. If they make the Western Conference finals or further, I would be shocked if he leaves. If they only make the second round, I think it's about a coin flip. And if they get knocked out in the first round, or somehow miss the postseason, then I think he would be asking himself, well, am I really closer to competing for a championship here than in my hometown, where his heart seems to be in Los Angeles? So I think it's all about how they do in the playoffs, Chris.