Cris Carter’s message to Rajon Rondo after his fight with Isaiah Thomas: ‘Stop being petty, man!’

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In his reaction to the Rajon Rondo - Isaiah Thomas fight in the Pelicans - Lakers game last night, Cris Carter reveals to Doug Gottlieb and Eboni Williams how this has always been in Rondo's nature, and instead of picking meaningless fights with other players over trivial matters, Rondo should focus on elevating his game and acclimating to New Orleans' style of play. Do you agree with Cris?

CRIS: It definitely was, but Rondo-- you bring up good points. This is who Rondo is. But this was a big game for the Pelicans.

JENNA: Yeah.

- I mean, they're one game ahead of the Clippers, one game ahead of Utah as far as that last spot. So you don't want to get thrown out of a game. Now, I can understand--

JENNA: It's risky. It's risky. Yeah.

- And stop being petty. Now, he was at the tribute with his boy Paul Pierce. I can understand all that. I can understand he played with the Celtics. But now you're with the Pelicans. What's going to help the Pelicans? Now, if you instigate-- and Doug, I could see you doing something like this in a game. Because this is what the old basketball tricks when you throw up your hands, so the ref's like, oh, what did I do? But when you are taller guy going against a smaller guy--

DOUG: You get them above.

- Your hands are up, but you catch them elbows.

- Right.

- And that's what Rondo did to him a couple of times. So Isaiah, the referee catches the second guy in retaliation, but this is just one of them old gaming tricks.


- You know, Isaiah didn't do anything to deserve being thrown out. And I just want to make sure that, at this point in Isaiah's career, that I'm not one of the broadcasters who just decides to continue to let the narrative just-- like, like it's all Isaiah's fault. Like, this guy has been through a lot. Man, he tried to play with an injured hip.

DOUG: Yep.

- His sister passed away.

JENNA: Absolutely.

- Playing with that injured hip end up getting him traded away. He's in the last year of his deal. He's never made big, big money-- NBA money. So all that pressure and now being on his fourth team after he thought he had a home in Cleveland. So there's a lot of other things. I thought Isaiah did what he-- only thing that he could do in this instance, and he shouldn't have been thrown out of the game.