Doug Gottlieb on why he’s not jumping to crown LeBron’s Cavs after they defeated the OKC Thunder

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In his reaction to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Doug Gottlieb reveals to Cris Carter and Eboni WIlliams why it's too early to jump on The King's new-look Cavs as title favorites.

- The NBA season the cliche is it's a marathon, not a sprint, right? But when you add in four players from noncompetitive teams to a team that's competing for a championship, it's like if you're running a marathon and you're at mile 15, and all of a sudden there's guys that just hopped in the race, like this is easy. This is awesome. So let me know once we get to the 26 mile marker how you're feeling.

As of now, yeah, it's a homerun. They look great. Everybody's happy. Lebron's integrating his new teammates. They look younger. They look more athletic. But remember, it's two games together. They look great against a very solid, although not maybe elite Western Conference team. I think Oklahoma City is solid. It's somewhere between the third and the fifth best team in the west. But still--

- Outside of that win against Golden State last week, they have struggled still, as far as chemistry, and playing as an elite team.

- Right. And the weakness to the thunder is their bench. And now the strength to what Cleveland has built is strength in numbers. They have a very good bench. You could even point out they might have a better bench than the Golden State Warriors because the Warriors, depending on Livingston and Iguodala, who are closer to being washed than they are their former star self.

That said, look, talk to me when there's 30 games together. Talk to me when Kevin Love returns, because that makes them a lot less athletic defensively, although probably a better shooting lineup offensively. There are still some issues with pace, if and when they play against the Golden State Warriors. But as of now, look, this is like the third day of school. You love your teacher, you love your new friends, you love your new trapper keeper. But eventually, it's still school, it's still a long regular season, there'll be Downs, whereas right now they're up.