Cris Carter on the Boston Celtics: ‘Their offense hasn’t gone down, they’re one of the worst in the NBA’

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Drawing upon what he learned from LeBron's Cavaliers defeating Kyrie Iriving and the Boston Celtics, Cris Carter reveals how other teams have figured out Boston's defensive and offensive schemes, noting that their lack of game in the paint has created a tangible issue that many team will continue to exploit.

- They have no answer defensively. They have no answer offensively. The only thing is, from a stat standpoint that you didn't pick out, they-- their offense hadn't gone down; they're one of the worst in the NBA since January the 1st. You mentioned the last couple of weeks. But since January 1st, you're talking about teams like Memphis, you're talking about teams like Phoenix Suns, these are only teams that are worse efficiency from-- from a basketball offensive standpoint than the Celtics.

So people are catching up to their defense. All right? People have caught up to their offense, and they have no interior post game. So teams play out on them. They play out on the younger players, which you can start to see. Jaylen Brown and Tatum, it's starting to affect their three-point shooting, because teams know that they're not-- they're not very offensive-minded as far as getting into the paint. So it's a combination of things, and they miss Gordon Hayward.

- Oh, yeah.

- Like they miss another superstar who can create his own offense and who is a very good defender. So people don't like to talk about it, but Gordon Hayward being out-- they are still just one star on that team. To me, Al Horford, yeah, he had a great first half of the season. They put him in the all-star game. But he's not your typical all-star. They have one all-star, and that's Kyrie Irving.