All the Right Moves: Cris Carter reveals why the Cavs’ crucial trades will keep LeBron from leaving The Land

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter explains how the trade moves made by owner Dan Gilbert and the Cav's brass setup up Cleveland to entice LeBron James to remain on his throne. Are the Cavaliers now the top team in the East?

- They really did because they took an honest look at themselves and realized that, even though Nick wasn't afraid, they were not a good basketball team. And if you're not a good basketball team and you can't compete for championships, LeBron is definitely going to leave. He wouldn't have it any other choice. Now, you've made it very, very difficult because, through Daniel Gilbert and the general manager, Koby, you can see that they made the right moves so they can be competitive and also that they could add LeBron to a max contract and still be competitive into the future.

- And the other thing is that one added bonus they get from this, it's the biggest acquisition any team has made at the trade deadline in the last five years in the NBA, maybe longer. They got a reinvigorated LeBron James.

JENNA: Yeah.

- What they added to their team today is the best player in the world locked back in

JENNA: Re-engaged.

- Re-engaged. We saw what a re-engaged LeBron looked the day before the trade deadline. Now, the downside is this. You've got four new players. They're all rotation players. You only have 30-some-odd games left. Kevin Love is only going to be able to play with these guys for a half dozen or so games before the playoffs. There should be some stops and starts. But they only play three times in the next 13 days, CC. A team that doesn't practice a lot is going to have the opportunity to get some practice, to have some guys come in there. And when the offense is essentially LeBron James runs the show, guys can fit into that if they can hit shots.

- LeBron needs to fly them all out to the All-Star Game because the All-Star break is extended now. Have them do some practice, some walkthroughs and everything in Los Angeles, go take advantage of the time. Get acclimated, make a run after the All Star break.