Nick Wright reacts to Cleveland’s trades: ‘This is, by all measures, a home run for the Cavs’

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Reflecting on the Cleveland Cavaliers' 3-team, blockbuster trade deal that jettisoned the controversial Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Channing Fry and LeBron's best friend Dwyane Wade, Nick Wright explores with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe how this momentous event will energize and propel LeBron's squad into the playoffs. Do these subtractions plus the additions of Rodney Hood, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. make The King's team a more formidable foe for the Golden State Warriors?

- This Cavs team just got exponentially better defensively by, forget who they added, by who they subtracted. Isaiah Thomas was the worst defensive player, according to advanced metrics, in 25 years in the NBA. Derrick Rose-- that is addition by subtraction. You talk about Jae Crowder. That's addition by subtraction as far as mopey in the locker room. I told you guys a few weeks ago.

CRIS CARTER: There were three players that had to go.

NICK WRIGHT: Had to go.

- IT, Crowder, and Derrick Rose. They all had to go. And you could see in the celebration from two nights ago-- Derrick Rose celebration was totally different. IT celebration was totally different than the rest of the players.

- So the team got better by just extracting those guys. I told you guys a few weeks ago-- and I-- there are some times that I'm speculating on things. There are some times I have some actual insight. The Cavs are a team I have reason to have actual insight about. The LeBron James is stat hunting. That was-- that was believed to be from Jae Crowder. He needed to get out of that locker room. They did that. So the added bonus is, oh, they bring in the league's leader in 3-point shooting in George Hill.

They bring in an athletic guard in Rodney Hood who was averaging 17 points per game this year. They bring in another athletic big in Larry Nance Jr. Who will see if his daddy, Larry Nance Sr., will let him wear his retired number 22. The Cavs have retired his dad's number-- might let his son wear it. And then as an added bonus, a backup point guard in Jordan Clarkson who's--

JENNA WOLFE: Who by the way-- all younger. All younger.

- Oh, listen-- 25, 25, 25, and 31 in George Hill.

JENNA WOLFE: Which is what they need.

- Jenna, you're going to be surprised. All of them can shoot except one.

JENNA WOLFE: So these are basketball players who can shoot the basketball?

- Yes, but the Nance is the-- the Nance trade being part of the trade is a big deal too because now they have another defensive big with Kevin Love being out, Tristan not playing the defense. If they decide to go small, they can put Nance at the 5. And they can still build a guard team, especially teams that go small like Golden State.

- And Nance has been playing the style Tristan was playing to get his contract.

CRIS CARTER: And what kind of style was that?

- All the little things-- all effort-- never worried about his own--

CRIS CARTER: Don't have to call a play for him.

- Of course not. Can go catch some hoops. Now he's more athletic than Tristan. He's a little shorter than Tristan. But a guy that you-- we will see in the next two weeks some time on this show during our but first segment when we typically show dunks-- some crazy alley oop from LeBron to Nance. So the team got two true knock-down shooters, one in Rodney Hood-- one in George Hill. Some athleticism in Larry Nance. And I would say a good upside backup point guard in Jordan Clarkson.

And they got-- the players they lost-- Shump wasn't playing. Crowder, IT, and Rose were negatives. D-Wade will be missed, but they gave D-wade the choice-- you're going to have your minutes cut because we got these guys. Or we can send you to Miami. And Channing wasn't playing well. Channing was good in the locker room.

One of the reasons they then brought in Kendrick Perkins to fit that locker room role. This is, by all measures, a home run for the Cavs. And I don't know-- sure, they, maybe, they didn't want to give up that first-round pick. You'll deal with giving up your own first-round pick especially because you still have the Brooklyn pick.