Chris Broussard on why LeBron joining Popovich and Kawhi Leonard on the Spurs makes the most sense

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Chris Broussard reveals why LeBron James joining Gregg Popovich and Kawhi Leonard on the San Antonio Spurs makes the most sense for The King as he looks ahead to free agency.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: There's no place LeBron's going. I actually think the one place LeBron could go-- and I would say, you know what? They are on par with the Warriors-- would be San Antonio--

- Yes.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --with Kawhi, LaMarcus, and LeBron.

NICK WRIGHT: There's real questions about Kawhi's health.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: True. But I'm assuming Kawhi would be healthy and that he's going to stay in San Antonio. Even if he goes to Houston, and you lose Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, Click Capella--

- Which you have to do.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --that would be a great team because those are three tremendous players. But chemistry is so important. And that's what the Warriors have more than anybody else.

NICK WRIGHT: If it's just about winning, if it's just about winning, if you were advising him-- and all I care about is winning-- you would tell him to go where?

- San Antonio.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Assuming Kawhi's healthy--

NICK WRIGHT: See, and I think it's Houston. I think Houston is better.


NICK WRIGHT: I think Houston's better equiped. Because I think Harden is better than-- I think Harden is flatly better than Kawhi. And I know CP3 is better than Lamar [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS BROUSSARD: What about chemistry? So you're losing all those-- most of those three-point shooters.

NICK WRIGHT: I don't think you're losing Clint Capela. You are losing three-point shooters. I think three-point shooters will follow LeBron. I think you can always find shooters, older veteran shooters that will come to play with LeBron, especially in a city like Houston. I think Houston is better positioned and doesn't have, I think, a legitimate health and chemistry concern that right now exists in San Antonio.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well, I think that--