Nick Wright shares why he harbors some bitterness toward Kevin Durant

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Nick Wright talks Steph Curry and Kevin Durant after the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Cetlics on Saturday.

- Steph proved the way he did it two years ago, you can win a title that way. LeBron's-- the way he was playing pre-Miami in Cleveland, where he had to do everything-- they couldn't win a title that way. That's why I-- that is my biggest-- bitterness is the only word I can come up with.

And maybe it's unfair. But it's my biggest bitterness towards Kevin Durant, because as an NBA fan, I wanted to see how far Steph could push us.

[? Yes, ?] Yes, I'm with you.

- The-- people think I don't like Steph Curry. I am in awe of Steph Curry. I'm not a fan of the Warriors as a whole. But Steph's year-- the unanimous MVP year-- was the single most efficient, offensive year I've ever seen and I think the league's ever seen. Since he came back from injury, by the way, he is averaging--

- He's playing on that pain.

- He's playing better than he played that year. But because the Warriors don't need it every night like they did two years ago, I don't think he'll sustain it, not because he can't anymore. And so I just think we're not getting to see the best of Kevin Durant or the best of Steph Curry.