Carmelo Anthony is the key to the Thunder challenging the Warriors, Chris Mannix explains

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In his NBA playoff preview with Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Chris Mannix unveils why Carmelo Anthony is such a critical factor if Russell Westbrook, Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder want to challenge Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors to be the Western Conference champions.

- The second round matchup-- let's say Oklahoma City winds up in that fourth seed. That second round matchup going to be a street fight. That is going to be a street fight. Because-- and I said the top, briefly, but you can't sleep in what Oklahoma City is doing right now.

Largely because Carmelo Anthony, for the second time this season, has evolved his game, adapted his game. He came in and said, look, I'm OK being a power forward, which he never said when he was in New York. And over the last month, he said look, I'm OK being a spot up shooter, which he's never said before.

If he continues to accept that type of role, and this team continues to grow-- they we're already-- started the season, Oklahoma City, a top five level defensive team. Their offensive numbers have improved incrementally over the last month. If that's a second round match up, I think that's at least a six game series, maybe seven.

- Wow.