Nick Wright unveils the origin of LeBron James’ frustration with Isaiah Thomas and Cavs’ current squad

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In his reaction to the report that LeBron James was upset that the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't trade for Paul George or Eric Bledsoe, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe how this issue compounds the original problem stemming from the lack of initiative shown by the Cavs' front office to acquire immediately valuable pieces in the Kyrie Irving trade instead of an injured Isaiah Thomas and a 'nebulous' draft pick .

- So instead of getting Paul George, instead of getting Eric Bledsoe, they ended up with Isaiah Thomas. And you've got to recognize that when the Cavs traded for Isaiah Thomas, the people that cover the league on a daily basis said the big asset in the Kyrie Irving trade was not Jae Crowder and it was not Isaiah Thomas.


- It was the next pick. And so maybe that makes sense for the Cavs long term. But that's where a lot of LeBron's frustration comes from. Is you trade away the second-best player on our team-- a guy we've won a championship with-- and the big return is this nebulous asset that I may never see the fruits of. Even if I'm LeBron and I stay, it's very rare for a rookie to have a serious impact in his first couple of years in the league. And LeBron's in year 15. So that's where the frustration begins.

The frustration then builds when the immediate return-- Jae Crowder-- has his worst season. And then Isaiah Thomas, right after the trade, we find out injury worse than the Cavs thought. They go back to Boston. We want more than you initially gave us. Isaiah is not going to be ready till Christmas, even not ready at Christmas, not going to be ready until January. Now we're nearing the end of January, he doesn't yet look ready.

So I don't think it's like Isaiah Thomas and his bristly personality or Isaiah Thomas and his lack of connection with Kevin Love. I think it's the whole situation where LeBron knows this might be his last year in Cleveland. LeBron knows his window of time as the best player in the world is at least approaching a close. And what did they get for Kyrie Irving? Right now, not much.

- Not much.

- And when you see how well Paul George is playing, when you see you maybe could have gotten Paul George and Eric Bledsoe, it adds to the overall frustration.