Love Sick: Nick Wright reveals why Kevin Love is on the trade block for the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Reflecting on the report that several Cleveland Cavaliers called out the legitimacy of of Kevin Love's recent illness, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why Love is now in danger of being traded from LeBron's squad.

- Trading Kevin Love is not out of the question. But before I get more in depth on that, I would like just quickly to ask you a question, Chris. How rare is it to question another guy's injury or illness amongst players, not just in whispers--

FEMALE REPORTER: On your own team.

NICK WRIGHT: But on your own team, and to question it strongly enough that it is brought up in not just a, hey, I think he's faking. Though hey, man, I don't think you were sick yesterday.

- And there's so many games in the NBA that if you want a get a game, the coach, the organization will give you a game. It's very, very rare that you would question a guy if we're not all in together. So yes, it is a big indictment against an athlete.

NICK WRIGHT: OK, that's where I was coming from. Chris has more authority to let the audience know how big of a deal that is in any professional sport, to publicly say-- well, I guess they did privately, but they knew it would likely get out. Man, we think you were faking. We think you dogged it. You left the stadium, didn't show up the next day. And then something else interesting happened yesterday. After this team meeting, Ty Lue didn't go to practice, because he had a doctor's appointment. That's an odd thing--

- Hey, the flu's going around.

- I get that. But also, just the juxtaposition of those two things, it made me feel like maybe an additional message was being sent. But to answer the question, is it on the board they trade Kevin Love? It is absolutely on the board that they trade Kevin Love. It has been on the board they trade Kevin Love every year since he's gotten there.


- And I know we like to assign anything wrong with the Cavs to LeBron-- LeBron's the GM, LeBron's the head coach, LeBron's the leader. Kevin Love needs to have a moment where he recognizes, man, you are the custodian of your own talent and your own career. When LeBron got to Cleveland and they traded for you, in that moment, you were a better NBA player than Kyrie Irving. The fact that Kyrie went one way and you went the other is not LeBron's fault, is not the organization's fault.

Had Kevin Love been the Kevin Love he was in Minnesota, he would have been the second option. He could have easily been the second option. That's not the way things went. And the fact that Kevin Love has only really seemed to look like that Kevin Love when there was no competition for second option, and as soon as Isaiah Thomas comes back, he shrinks back into this meek, underachieving Kevin Love, that's an indictment on Kevin Love himself. And I'm not saying you can't fix it. I'm not saying he can't get over it. But that's one of the reasons Kevin Love finds himself on the trade block.