Nick Wright reveals why the Rockets – Clippers confrontation was good for Houston and Chris Paul

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Reflecting on last night's confrontation between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why the shoving match was good for Chris Paul and the Rockets moving forward.

JENNA WOLFE: Look at these two teams. Right now, they would meet in like, the first round or so of the playoffs. What does this mean for these two teams going forward? What do we expect?

NICK WRIGHT: So I think this was actually-- the Clippers to me, are a barely relevant team for the NBA playoff picture this year. In fact, I think while right now they could be a playoff team, my guess is they sell off some parts. DeAndre Jordan could get traded. Lou Williams could get traded. So I'm going to focus on the Rockets side of this.

Man, I think this was a really good moment for them as far as rallying around Chris Paul. That knock on the Rockets has been they have underachieved in the playoffs, their star, their MVP James Harden has wilted in big moments. The one knock on Chris Paul is that he's never advance past the second round of the playoffs. And some of--

CRIS CARTER: And he gets hurt.

NICK WRIGHT: Sure. And he gets her later, absolutely. And one of the reasons people have believed that Chris Paul lead teams have not had more success is because by the end of a year, you're sick of him. He is such a micro-manager, he is such a little floor general that guys tend to tune him out by the end of seasons.

I think this moment, this rallying moment, they play a video for Chris Paul beforehand, he gets an ovation. By the end of the game, he's out there leading a-- leading a siege on the Clippers' locker room. I think it's actually a positive sign for the Rockets and their chances late in the season.