Cris Carter reveals why it’s time worry about LeBron’s Cavs after their blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why it's time worry about LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after their blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors.

- This is the thing, Jenna. There should be concern. And yes, we have seen this in January. But to those who think the Cavs got lucky when they did win the championship, there would be no signs coming from January that they could repeat the one time that they got lucky in beating Golden State.

Now, if you keep your eyes on the East, all right, Boston's got eight more wins than them, all right? That is significant in January. So that's why next year they're probably going to secure the number one seed, or the Cavs might try to give it up like they did last year. He's not concerned about Toronto, even after last night, them getting beat. Because Toronto hadn't been able to finish the deal in the playoffs.

But if he opened up his eyes, he wouldn't be looking in the East. Because the real competition has never been in the East. The competition is in the West. And if he's watching Golden State, and if he's watching Houston even though they do have injuries, these teams right now, if they played the Cavs, they would sweep the Cavs in four games. It would be ugly.

So I have concern because the only goal for LeBron in Cleveland, it's not a seed in the Eastern Conference, you know it's not one, two, or three. It's winning a championship. And they look nothing like a championship team.

So Jenna, I'm concerned. I'm not like everyone else. I'm not going to keep my eyes on the East. Because the East does not matter. It's what's going on in the West.

- CC, but every January LeBron's been there, at this moment of the season, January 12th of the year, they've looked like they'd get swept. Last January-- the first January LeBron was there.

- What was the final score last year?

- Hold on. They lost in five, but hold one.

- Oh, OK. SO it was four to one. But they looked like they were going to swept in January, but they got beat four to one.

- Hold on a moment. Let me finish my point. The first year LeBron was there, they were 19 and 20 at one point, in January. The second year LeBron was there, they fired their coach in January. Last year, people were talking like you are right now, that the Warriors are just leaps and bounds better than everyone.

And while yes, CC, they lost in five, we were also at a game three where they have a Korver open three, when that series probably ends up being two-two, and we see what happens.

That we know, and you can say you're not focused on the East. Well, a good portion of the sports world right now believes the Celtics are the favorites in the East and believes the Raptors can give the Cavs serious trouble.

- But I think all of that's irrelevant. All those are subplots. Can they beat Golden State? See, you can have the conversation and that be nice for you because you have too much data and there's too many years where LeBron has dominated the East.

Take the conversation to the West.

- Right, OK.

- If they were to start the finals right now, what would happen? And so for me, I'm concerned because I see what's going on in the West. All right? I think Golden State is at least as good or better than they were last year, all right? They're more athletic. They got a couple more subs to come off the bench to be able to give them more time, that brings some athleticism. I know Houston's better.

- Hold on, but CC, if you want to actually do this and start the finals right now, the Cavs would sign up for that. You know why? James Harden's injured, Steph Curry's injured. That will change and the Cavs will change. And the injuries are--

- If Houston was-- if Houston was healthy--

- But they're not.

- Let me finish.

- Go ahead.

- If Houston was healthy and they were playing like the Cavs, would you be concerned? Don't answer. If Golden State was healthy and they were playing like the Cavs, would you be concerned? Don't answer. Because I know you don't get concerned about nothing. But we would, as the general public. So why wouldn't we be concerned about Cleveland?

- Because there's two extenuating factors. One is that there is the-- LeBron is different than every other player in the league. And his-- his ability that we've seen to ratchet up his entire team's defensive ability in the postseason, we've seen it year, after year, after year. That's first point.

The second point is those other teams don't have their second most important player coming back from injury. Isaiah Thomas was zero of 10 to start the game last night. Like, that is-- if that's who Isaiah Thomas is the rest of the way, I'll be concerned. I don't believe it will be.

- What about JR Smith not scoring?

- JR's been--

- What about Kevin Love? Was playing his best basketball, now he's not playing as good, IT's back.

- Right. Those are real concerns if I believe they are going to continue.

- That look on your face is concerned, even though the words coming out your mouth ain't.