Nick Wright believes the Steelers are ready to redeem two of their 3 losses against Jags and Pats

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in his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Steelers S Mike Mitchell declaring Pittsburgh will beat New England in the playoffs, detailing that Pittsburgh has arguably had the best season of any NFL team this year.

- There's something that it should be said about the Steelers, because they've had a lot of mini controversies, many self-inflicted. And we've discussed them ad nauseum this year. Whether it was Roethlisberger's comments after the Jags game. The Martavious Bryant social media stuff. Antonio Brown's sideline bro up.

- Mike Tomlin doing something similar.

- Right. Mike Tomlin saying, you know--


- One of the players leaving the locker room and that information getting out.

- So because of that, we've discussed the Steelers as much as we've discussed any team on this show. And I feel like we've maybe a bit lost the forest for the trees. Because the reality is, with eight teams left, you can make, I think the strongest argument, who's had the best season in the NFL this year? I think it's the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nobody's got a better record. Nobody's been better than them over the last three months. Nobody right now, at this moment of the four teams that had a buy, is healthier than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nobody is coming off, I would say-- like, you can say, well the Patriots did just beat them. Patriots are also coming off their worst month of football with their quarterback and now this controversy surrounding the entire team. The Steelers have earned the right to say, yeah, damn straight. We-- listen. We've lost three times this year. One was a flukey loss to the Bears. We're not going to get a chance to redeem that. We lost to the Jags. We're going to wax them this weekend. And then we're going to redeem the loss to the Patriots. Like, this isn't a 10 and 6 team saying it. It's a team that arguably had as good of, if not the best, regular season of any team in the league.