Neither Steph Curry nor Kevin Durant are ‘eligible’ to win the MVP, Nick Wright explains

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Reacting to Steph Curry's stellar play of recent, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe that, although Curry his playing phenomenally, the NBA MVP goes to either the best player in the league or the most valuable player in the league -- neither of which Curry is, according to Nick.

- So this is an interesting one. So Steph's missed 13 games, but I'm willing to throw that out because you can miss about 15 or so games and still be the league MVP. We've seen that before. So he missed those 13 games. So let's just disregard that for a moment.

Steph, since he's come back, has given you 35, 5, in 5. He's shooting 58% from the field and 53% from three. And he's doing it in 32 minutes a night. Over the weekend, we didn't talk about it, he scored 45 points in three quarters. He has been unbelievable.

But the problem with Steph being in the MVP conversation in today's NBA is, you are either going to give the MVP to the best player in the league, which he is not, or the most valuable player in the league, which, because Durant's there, he also is not. So the-- when Durant and Steph teamed up together, one of the few downsides is, I don't know that either of these guys is almost eligible for the award, unless they have just an off the charts, record setting season.

- Yes, which one of them could have if there were a couple injuries or something and we had to rely on the other one, like they are now. If Durant was to miss an extended period of time--

- Yes.

- Steph would go back to his two NBA MVP seasons, the way he's gone in these last five games.

- Or just like the way Durant looked the month that Steph was out.

[? Yes. ?] Yes.

- If Steph had been out for the year with that injury, Durant absolutely was going to be in the MVP conversation. But if you're not going to give the award to the best player in the league, then it has to be a value proposition. And it's tough for either of these Warriors to be exceedingly valuable.